Your Best Year 2018 by Lisa Jacobs


The author, Lisa Jacobs, is a marketing strategist and blogger over at

Your Best Year 2018 is a productivity workbook and online business planner that will serve you as a tool to achieve what you wish for your business. This book is a Business Edition and you can find the Life Edition here.



On the very first three pages, Lisa explains how to use this workbook and puts you in the right mindset to kick off your planning. You can be sure that there are many thought-provoking exercises throughout the book and for the best results, you need to schedule some ‘me time’ with it!

Nothing happens until something moves. – Albert Einstein

This quote is just perfect for what Lisa has to say in her Survival of the fittest. In this section, she talks about obstacles, what to focus on and the importance of trusting your business.



You truly want to embrace yourself for what is coming next – the next level YOU! Don’t be afraid to write on the pages and highlight what resonates with you the most – after all, this is a workbook, you are supposed to work in it 😉



The worksheets and exercises that you will be actively using before getting to 2018 annual pages are intense. There are a lot of questions to answer, a lot of discovery to be made, some shocking truths about your business and its reality too. This book is for people who do want to succeed and who are willing to give it their all! There is simply no space for slacking off.

Time management is especially challenging and there are some tips on how to better organize your everyday tasks along with annual strategy calendar layouts.

Before you step into 2018 planning pages, one of the worksheets is this quarterly rapid log and progress log divided into 5 categories – Finish, Do, Celebrate, Study, Start. These two pages will help you with planning the upcoming three months.

Every month then starts with a monthly calendar (Sunday start), monthly focus, income page, and weekly & monthly reviews. There are 12 months printed starting with January 2018.




I have based my 2018 business planning on this workbook because I trust the exercises and the results Lisa achieves with her business every year. The book is well put together, you will find many powerful quotes inside and useful tools that a lot of successful people use. The only thing I would love to see next year is a more personal touch from Lisa, but I understand that this is about building your business and focusing on what this book is created for 😉
Do I think it will help your business? Yes. If you are willing to put the work in, this book is a great tool for you to have.