Transferring to a new journal + tips for beginners

Starting a new bullet journal is always so exciting! Sometimes though, we can get a little overwhelmed with so much information out there, so I wanted to focus a little more on how to get organized and actually start using your new notebook. This is my third bullet journal (although, I have been journaling and planning since I was little) and I wanted to share with you how I transfer things from one notebook to another.

Before you start, it is a good idea to grab your old journal or a piece of paper, sit down with a cup of tea, and think of anything that YOU might be needing your journal for. Asking yourself a few questions is always helpful, e.g. Do I want to organize my business/studies/household/garden, track our baby’s weight/growth, keep appointments in one place, plan for the future/trip/school project…?

I have recently purchased a Navigator A5 notebook cover from StartBay (company link) that I absolutely love and it allows me to keep more than only one notebook with me, which is exactly what I was after – I wanted to have a separate notebook for all the things/spreads I use all year round. This way, I save money long-term and not wasting paper & time due to transferring the same spreads over and over again every time I start a new notebook. This is working out brilliantly for me at the moment.

The two notebooks that I am using for this setup are Emerald Lechtturm1917 dotted and Rhodia Dotbook. Both are A5 (medium) sizes.

In Rhodia DotBook, I have a 2017 calendar that I printed out on a sticker/label paper from our Community library, and an Index page that will be filled out eventually. The pages in this notebook are not numbered so I numbered them myself to make it easier when trying to find a particular spread. This year briefly has turned out absolutely great last year (Flip through on YouTube) so I wanted to have it within my yearly notebook too 🙂

Because of my new leather cover, I will be taking out my bullet journal more often, therefore I wanted to make sure there is some direction to its owner in case it gets lost! Inside this little cute pocket is my telephone number and email address.

Those printables are seriously very helpful when setting up a new notebook, hehe! This is another copy of 2017 calendar on a sticker paper – depending on your own printer ink, the Tombow dual brush pens may or may not smudge your print. I love how the page is separated into quarters. On the left side, there are birthdays (green pen) and starting from the middle, there are future events/appointments etc.


2nd quarter of 2017 is exactly what you have seen on my Instagram and Facebook – there is a list of accomplishments that I tend to achieve during these three months (Apr-Jun). This lovely watercolour background list is also in our Community library (blank). It’s a great way to get yourself organized and disciplined! What do I see myself doing, thinking, feeling? is literally how I see myself by the end of June. This will keep pushing you until you complete the list – it has a sense of urgency and I recommend creating as many copies as you like sticking them EVERYWHERE so you are constantly reminded!

On the left side, there is an Affirmations page that I change every time review my notebook or when I feel like those particular affirmations are no longer working for me. Today, I feel is a smaller version of my Mood tracking spread that I still enjoy using and I like to look at it every morning, especially if I feel a bit low.

Nelson & Cupid are my two little westies and this spread is for their vet appointments, medical treatment, monthly weighing etc.
Quotes to letter is a perfect place to store all of my favourite quotes that I wish to have within my bullet/art journal.

At the very back of this new Leuchtturm, there is a Tombow dual brush pens tracker which is perfect for keeping track of your Tombow pens’ collection and what colour you would like to use for a particular project. I found this tracker on Tombow official website and you can find it in our Community library too!


Would you like to watch the video now? Come this way 🙂 → Youtube | Transfer + How to start tips for beginners