Top 5 health benefits of Himalayan salt lamps


There are two types of ions – positive and negative.

Negative ions are created naturally by sunlight, storms, wind, waterfalls, ocean waves etc. This is why people feel refreshed after a storm or walking at the beach. Positive ions are created by electronic devices such as computer monitor, TV, radio receiver, microwave, vacuum cleaner, dryer, tobacco smoke etc.

Positive ions have a negative impact on our physical and emotional state as they deteriorate the condition of air in the rooms which causes allergies, sleep trouble, stress, respiratory system and blood system diseases.

Negative ions neutralize positive ions therefore 1) cleanse the air and improve the quality of our environment, and thus our wellbeing.

Salt lamps do not generate negative ions themselves, they need a heat source – candle light or light bulb – to produce a higher number of negative ions. They are often used in the 2) treatment of rheumatism, insomnia, colour/chromo therapy etc.

Use salt lamps as natural air ionizers in your rooms, especially lounge, office and bedroom, they 3) reduce electro-magnetic field.

It is a perfect night lamp that will help you 4) relax and sleep.

You can use as many lamps as you wish, the more the better! Placed in your office, it can help you with 5) concentration, reduce stress and energise you. They are safe, economical, natural, and eco-friendly, and for that reason, you do not need to worry about using them too much – the longer they are lit the better the efficiency.

Keep in dry environment at all times, never sprinkle with water, and only use damp cloth/sponge to remove dust.

Of course, I do own a number of these lamps/candle holders and I can confirm their positive benefits – they are also brilliant for meditation. In fact, the very first salt lamp was a gift from my mom when I was little and I have been using them ever since. If you take a good care of them, they will last forever!