Sherwood Forest aka TURNING 29!

I think turning 29 is a major deal because you will never get your twenties back once you pass this point. It’s a right time to have a look at your life and see where it’s going.

Well, I didn’t do such thing on Saturday when I was celebrating it — because I have done my list and now know what I want to accomplish, I drove myself and my fiancee up to the Sherwood Forest in Edwinstowe regardless of the rain weather forecast. Honestly, the weather was actually perfect for walking around the forest. There were about two light showers and that was it!

Anyway, we walked a 12K loop, talked to locals on the way, took pictures and really enjoyed the day. This is what I like to do on special occasions – escaping to the woods, mountains, beaches etc.

I loved the video they play on shuffle at the visitor centre – it is very well made and gives you a nice sense of what it looked like before and how people lived in the woods, and who Robin Hood was — a heroic outlaw in English folklore who was a highly skilled archer and swordsman.

The Major Oak is a nice short walk from the centre and it is truly a magnificent piece of history! According to local folklore, it was Robin Hood’s shelter where he and his merry men (a group of outlaws) slept. It weighs an estimated 23 tons and is over 1000 years old.

£3 car parking

Other than a wonderful walk, I got a ‘high protein’ cake 😀 to help with my training, a Thermos food flask for travelling, and two tickets to see my favourite Irish band who happens to be our friends, The Kilkennys! Yay! Now, who should I bring with me? 😉

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