Rhodia goalbook vs. Leuchtturm1917 | Bullet journal notebooks comparison


Rhodia Goalbook – the one that I have been waiting for for such a looong time! Was it worth waiting though? Today, we shall see as I will compare my old-time favourite Leuchtturm1917 with this new Goalbook!


Rhodia Goalbook vs. Leuchtturm1917 facts


Both notebooks come with a leaflet wrapped around their cover that has some information on it. You cannot find the thickness (gsm) of Leuchtturm1917 paper on there but at least the other information is not misleading. Rhodia Goalbook’s leaflet says, there are 240 numbered pages which is not true – there are 224 numbered pages.


Rhodia Goalbook:

  • 224 numbered pages, not 240 as stated
  • 6 index pages – 20 + 1 lines per page = 120/126 lines for indexing your pages
  • 2 perpetual annual calendars – one vertical style, one future log style – both take up 8 pages altogether, you can add these to those 224 numbered pages and have 232 pages (still 17 pages less than Leuchtturm)
  • 2 ribbon bookmarks
  • one inner pocket at the back
  • 90 gsm
  • elastic enclosure band
  • soft cover – warm feel to it
  • thread bound, opens flat
  • pages are more yellow and the dots are bigger & darker than in Leuchtturm
  • does not come with labels for the cover/binding and has no manufacturer story mini booklet
  • no detachable sheets
  • price £16.58 on Amazon as of 11/8/17



  • 249 numbered pages
  • 3 index pages – 26 lines per page = 78 lines for indexing your pages – significantly less than in Rhodia Goalbook
  • no ‘ready’ calendars
  • 2 ribbon bookmarks – better quality than Rhodia
  • one inner pocket at the back – stronger paper used
  • 80 gsm
  • elastic enclosure band – tighter than Rhodia
  • hard cover – cold feel to it
  • thread bound, opens flat
  • pages are light ivory, dot grid is light grey and much less visible than in Rhodia
  • comes with a label sheet with different label sizes for the cover & binding, plus a tiny booklet with manufacturer story
  • 8 detachable sheets at the back
  • price £12.99 on Amazon as of 11/8/17 (depending on different offers, colour of the notebook etc.)


Both notebooks are about the same weight if this is something you also take under consideration for your traveler’s notebook cover. I love having Leuchtturm in my StartBay Navigator A5 notebook cover and I am sure I will love the Rhodia in it as well!

My opinion – the new Goalbook is great, although it did disappoint me a little having less numbered pages than stated on its leaflet and the pages are very yellow for my taste. I will give you more information when I start using the notebook properly and share pictures on Instagram too 🙂 Honestly though, it has less pages than Leuchtturm, it is more expensive, the cover feels amazing and it is flexible, and because the paper quality is slightly better than what you get with Leuchtturm, it is great for stamping which is something I appreciate a lot because the ink does not bleed through the paper at all. I am hoping the Rhodia will straighten out the misleading information on their leaflet and make the pages white (at least much less yellow) and the dots smaller and lighter in colour!


Watch a full review here → YouTube | Traveler’s bullet journal setup