Hello Rhodes ♥

We have visited this romantic Greek island last year in June 2015 and loved it so much that we wanted to come back again and enjoy it even more but this time relax properly 😉

I can confirm that the sea is a lot warmer in July than it was in June – that includes the main pool as well. I practically never left the water and kept swimming for as long as I possibly could every day. I was scared last year and didn’t enjoy swimming this much, in fact, I have never ever been on holiday until then.

Greek people are genuinely friendly and very welcoming – as in every country you visit, it is the best to check their local customs such as body language and dress code – I would not recommend walking around in your bikinis only (apart from the beach obviously) because it is considered slovenly at least and you will get disapproving looks and comments. I speak from the personal experience – I walked through Rhodes, the main town, in my bikinis and shorts last year. I was not the only one but I am blond and have blue eyes which make the difference.

Scuba diving! Seriously? Yes.

I never wanted to try it, I am more of a flying sort of person so I wanted to try sky diving but things don’t always work the way you plan. The opportunity came up and I went for it. I enjoyed snorkelling very much for about three days before deciding to give diving a go.

Turns out that I still enjoy being on the surface more – we were supposed to dive to up to 3m only but we were in 5-7m depth. There was a lot of pain going on in my ears and even though I was doing everything the instructor said before we started, I couldn’t get rid of it. This pain lasted for another two days and even after three weeks afterward it keeps coming back occasionally (doesn’t hurt as much but it is still quite sharp for a few moments). Other than that, it was great – we’ve seen fish that we could never spot while snorkelling only, the instructor was lovely and he took a fantastic care of us all individually under water so we felt safe the entire time. If you are into scuba diving at all, I can only recommend this local business in Faliraki – the instructor, Panagiotis, is brilliant, he speaks english and you can find him here.

Visiting Prassonissi island on a hired scooter was fun but I was a bit disappointed when we got there – it was very windy. The weather down there was perfect for surfers that were all around the island so there was actually no way to swim. And so we drove off to Lindos – they make the best Bailey’s pancakes there! I think Lindos is the hottest place in Rhodes with sand beach and the clearest water I have ever seen. Swimming in Lindos is truly fabulous! The Acropolis is right above the beach – we have visited this historic site last year and it is a must to see. Go in the morning, there is a lot to read!

All in all, I loved and REALLY enjoyed this holiday! It was so much fun! My mum gave me an inflatable ‘Angry birds’ balloon that I was riding on in the pool 😀

We made friends and have met some great people here during our travels. Also, celebrating our one year engagement anniversary made this holiday even more special.

When I was little, I was told that ‘Rhodes is an island of lovers’ and I honestly think it is true. Walking in Rhodes town makes you feel real special – I absolutely loved those old buildings with huge flower pots in front of every door and the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes is magnificent!