PLAN with me | FEBRUARY 2018 setup


February is such a wonderful time of the year! The weather is getting warmer outside waking up nature, the birds are singing, and our notebooks are starting to look more colourful too!

What colours are you using this month? Or keeping it plain and simple? Let’s talk in the comments below!




As always, my Leuchtturm1917 bullet journal is snuggled in the Navigator and for this month’s welcome page, I have decided to use one of our brand new mandala stickers! It’s a full A5 (medium) page and you can find this one and some more new designs in our BTS Joy on paper Etsy shop!
For colouring, I used the Faber-Castell Polychromos – the idea is that is looks like a winter sunrise. Well, I was going for those shades πŸ˜‰

The February title is hand lettered with a Tombow dual brush pen no.873, Coral.



Here is a monthly spread with my mini monthly calendar for blog post & video scheduling followed by a vertical monthly log (yes, I am back to this format because the horizontal one was not working for me) and you can see that the monthly goals have been divided into five areas – Quarterly focus being a new addition. It will be used along with the quarterly focus page.

On the opposite page, there are February tasks along with some space for notes, currently doing, learning, reading, enjoying; upcoming tasks/events with a mini monthly March calendar, and another section that works hand in hand with monthly goals – New commitments, Open business, Contact, Obstacles.



Community log is such a joy to have! I love seeing how we grow every month! And I also added a section for our Etsy shop to view how you like it πŸ™‚

The horizontal monthly tracker can be found in the shop and you can use it any time throughout the year. It has space for up to 14 habits.

Time well spent is a new section that I added the first week we were in January as it felt like it was needed, and I find it interesting to see how many hours I spent reading/studying a year!

Tracking your sleep, exercise and mood (following page) is very beneficial for your wellbeing. It is a way of making sure you are staying healthy and taking care of yourself as you should. I also log my maximum heart rate and calories burned during physical activity, plus steps walked in K numbers.



Are you writing down your accomplishments/wins? If so, great! If not, create a space for it in your notebook today. We don’t give ourselves enough credit for all we do day in and day out. Why do you think that is? Why don’t we appreciate our own work? Why don’t you pat yourself on the back right now and say, ‘well done me’ right now? You are doing so much every single day, you should truly appreciate yourself! No accomplishment is too small – something that looks small to you is HUGE for someone else out there (e.g. getting out of bed, being able to have breakfast, run, cook a nice meal etc.). Everything you do is a freaking miracle and I want you to acknowledge this – I am saying this lovingly with my heart open and a smile on my face πŸ˜‰

Lessons learned are a huge part of my annual reviewing and since it is sometimes hard to remember, we have a monthly section just for this too.

On the other page, there is some space left for monthly memories and the mosaic/crystal heart is a mood tracker that you can also print out from our Community library.



There are 4 weeks in February and I am sticking to this layout – I love how it looks and we only switched the black fine liner for a Tombow brush pen! Such a simple and effective way to add colour & creativity to your pages. The weekly tracker sticker and watercolour date circle dots can be found in our BTS Joy on paper shop. Those tiny hearts you can see above the tracker are for weekly goals, then there is space for weekly tasks and the rest is for creative doodling, quotes, anything motivational, more trackers, life cards etc.



The last page of this setup is monthly review. At the end of every week, I ask myself a bunch of questions that help with productivity, goal achieving, pushing your limits, personal & professional growth etc. Do this every week AND every month and you will start seeing some changes πŸ˜‰

You may have known that we started our very own Between the steps challenge in January this year (2018) with our own hashtag #betweenthestepschallenge that you can follow on Instagram and of course, you can join in any time you like! The more topics you do, the more benefits you get!




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