Plan with me | December 2017 bullet journal setup



Hello my lovelies! How are you??

Can you believe this year is almost over? December is literally just around the corner and NOW is the perfect time to reflect on our goals & accomplishments! With that said, I have made a few changes to my setup, so let’s grab a cuppa a get planning!



From the above picture you may have noticed that instead of our traditional monthly doodle, I decorated my intro page with a BoBunny card – I love this winter collection so much!



I did it again! πŸ˜€

Yes, everything has been shifted around the pages and there is a tiny (but HUGE) change too. You know how much I love categorizing my monthly goals and I have to say that the ‘Family’ part was missed in November’s spread! It is now back and there is also a very special category for our Between the steps Community!! Yay!! Don’t you just love seeing yourself here? I cannot WAIT to set up some Community goals! Exciting times ahead!



This monthly calendar will be used mainly for scheduling work and I will be painting the background with watercolours or acrylics to make it pop out! Definitely keep an eye on Instagram because all the pictures will be there πŸ˜‰



This wellness log proved itself to be very helpful, BUT the calorie intake and daily weight are not on here anymore. At the moment, I do not find tracking these two inspiring but rather discouraging and stressful. Because my diet is mainly very healthy, I decided to give my full attention to what I truly need to focus on and that is moving my body. Have you tried using this wellness log yourself? How did you find it?

What is on the opposite page? A Christmas bubble! Hehe, don’t you love it? It turned out quite well so you can find it in our Community library as a free printable and have fun with it yourself and your kids will enjoy colouring this too! It makes such a wonderful mood tracker!



Do you notice everyday miracles? Awe moments will help you realise how fantastic the world is even when you don’t feel like it. It is similar to a gratitude log, there is a difference though. I am a huge believer that being grateful should be every day practise and you can be grateful for a TON of things, starting with your life. But having that awe moment that makes you go ‘Wow!’ is equally important.

Joy is a page for recording your monthly memories πŸ™‚



Reviewing your goals and reflecting on your weeks is important for so many things – e.g. your confidence, growth, self-development, progress, business success, happiness, relationship etc.

So, on this first page, there is a space for reviewing every week of the month, then there is an empty space for reflecting on the entire month, and below where the ‘no no no‘ is (see what I did there?), that’s where you write down what is simply not working for you and you need to stop doing.

Where am I winning? This page was surely missed last month as there were many wins to make a note of! Of course, this page is not only about a business success, you can write down things like getting up early for your gym class, making a nice dinner, getting your nails done etc. Anything that feels like a win to you!



Look at these weekly layouts! I am SO happy to show you a couple of stickers that I made and four different ways to use them! Woohoo! The Etsy shop will be open very very soon, and you will be able to have them yourself! I cannot wait to announce the grand opening! This is HUGE!

There are four weeks in December and as usual, each of these layouts consists of daily boxes, weekly tasks, weekly goals, weekly trackers (Community library printable), and some space for weekly focus, doodles, notes etc.




On YouTube πŸ™‚ β†’ December 2017 setup