November 2016 Setup – Happy Thanksgiving!

Welcome to a wonderful month of November!!

I feel a lot of positive vibes around and I can tell you that our journals are about to get really pretty! 

We are kicking this off with a monthly doodle and because I have been walking around a deer park lately, I’ve decided to draw a stag on the title page. You can find and print it out for yourself in our Community library here 😉 I’ve used watercolours to paint the background and create the illusion of a stag coming out of fog — I am no expert at painting and I want to encourage you if you like watercolours (or other), go ahead and paint no matter what level you are at. It doesn’t matter! It’s about having fun and going lose with your creativity.
(Note: the paper in Leuchtturm1917 doesn’t soak through and if you are gentle with water, it won’t wrinkle much.)

Welcome Autumn!
Our monthly log is rather cheerful, isn’t it? On this spread you can find a vertical calendar, monthly goals and actions to make them happen, a new mini November monthly calendar has been added, monthly tasks, and next month’s tasks or notes. This spread helps with organising your entire month and breaks down any goals that you might have set for yourself this year.

Last month, I incorporated a weekend section to my monthly calendar and it worked out pretty well because I was able to view what we have scheduled and what personal events were happening more easily. It’s also on the opposite page meaning that it’s sort of separated from workdays.
You can also find a new ‘Currently’ here – enjoying, reading, and wearing – you can personalize this to suit your needs 😉  A monthly tracker is where the weekly tracker gets transferred to and it helps with reviewing the monthly habits, tasks or other things that you want to record.

Oh, weekly layout! I moved the daily tasks boxes around again!
The reason is that I really like to have a clear view of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday because these are the busiest days of the week and also days I like to work out. So, these three lovely days are kept together at the top of the first page and looking down at Tuesday & Thursday plus weekly tasks box that has been moved over here too. This creates a lovely page of workdays only!
On the opposite side, we can find our 3 most important weekly goals/tasks, weekly tracker that can also be found in our Community library, last week review, this week outcome, coming up (upcoming week – event, task etc.), and of course our weekend part Saturday & Sunday is here too!
I love this layout because it separates weekdays/workdays from weekends when I am off. Or trying to be 😉 In case you work over the weekends, those two separate days could be the days you are off — this is what I love about having these little boxes, you can move them around as you like!

‘Moments to cherish’ is for your memories or anything awesome that happened this month! I even like to write in here how much weight I lost or how many km/mi I walked to keep my motivation up all year round as I look back and browse through my journals! Whatever you feel is important to you, you can highlight here. Monthly review is at the bottom of this page and it’s basically a short reflection of this month’s accomplishments. You can find out more about it in a previous month’s setup here.

And now we are ready for the month! I like to keep all of these layouts and spreads together — the intension here is to get things done and be the most productive as you can be. Monthly goals are followed by weekly tasks and daily tasks in the boxes. This portion is for planning only and behind these pages I keep my dailies for journaling/writing itself.

Don’t forget, we are all learners and mistakes happen. You learn by trying different things and finding what works for you best. Perfection is not what we are after. We want progress and results. Don’t you ever worry about your journal not being pretty enough! If you are starting today, just start and then come back in time and see how far you’ve come. You WILL improve whatever you want and work on; looking back at the very first pages you’ve written or drawn will make you feel proud and awesome!


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♥♥♥ I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving, be grateful for everything you have and enjoy the little things in your life ♥♥♥