Merry Christmas! December setup 2016

Merry Christmas everyone! I know that you are excited about this month as much as I am and we are going to have a great time! Let’s get our pens and journals ready for the best month of the year!

Our monthly doodle is very welcoming and it took me a while to decide what to draw. At first, I wanted to have Santa Claus with his sack full of presents over the shoulder but inspired by my front door, I drew a Christmas wreath instead – it turned out great, don’t you think? The bird standing on it is supposed to be robin but it can be anything you like. You can print it out and colour in yourself here in our Community library and share the pictures with us online by using #betweenthesteps 🙂

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” oh, yes! December joy is our monthly log page where we have our month at a glance to easily schedule appointments or events happening. On the opposite page, we have monthly goals and actions to make them happen, monthly tasks, events scheduled for upcoming month, and a mini December calendar. This spread is great for monthly planning as you get to organize your weeks better, based on what you aim to achieve by the end of each month.

We have 5 beautiful weeks in December and because I appreciate you being very busy during the Christmas time, I made the spreads simpler and therefore, you can draw those faster! I am a fan of Filofax layout and although I loved using my Malden, I never really had enough space for journaling and let’s face it – it was very bulky to carry around! That’s why I transferred everything to my Leuchtturm journal three months ago. But I was missing the Filofax ‘cleanliness’ which I now applied to two of our spreads here in this month:

First two weekly layouts are very similar to what we’ve been using for the past three months, only the daily boxes are divided by a single line and spread over the entire page creating more space for us each day. This doesn’t mean we have to squeeze in more tasks, it means that the daily box is wider so we can actually write the entire task in without cutting words or letters. I have been playing with these layouts and moving the task boxes and our weekly reviews, trackers (that can also be found in our Community library) etc. around.


The next two weekly layouts are set up in Filofax spirit. We have our days in the middle and everything else on sides. This is probably the simplest layout I have ever done. Again, I played with daily sections and their order. Visually, I think it’s very different and we need to give it a go and see if it works or not.

The reason for leaving the last week’s layout blank is that I wanted to try out those four new spreads, see what works best and then use the one I enjoyed! There will be a lot things coming up that week as it’s the end of the year but it’s ok, we can keep those on a sticky note and then transfer it.

Are we missing something? Yes, you’re right! I did not include a monthly calendar spread. Why? Because I never used it. I wrote a couple of things in there as we stepped in to November and that was it. It was no help to my goals or routine or work schedule, so that is why you cannot see it here.

Currently enjoying, reading, wearing is still with us and of course, our monthly tracker is on this page too. And because you loved it, you can have it again this month! The whole page is in our Community library, I hope you like the fireplace, it’s very cosy and will make you wanna have a cup of hot chocolate 🙂 enjoy!

Moments to cherish are my favourite! Here go all of our fantastic memories of the month that we can cherish forever! December monthly review is at the bottom of this page where we record our achievements and things that are important to our development.

Here we are! Our December planning is ready to go. Daily journaling will be happening behind these layouts to keep the planning itself tidy and together.

Remember, you don’t have to keep doing one thing repeatedly. Experiment and mix things up to see what works for you! Then your planning will be efficient and effective.

Have a wonderful time and Merry Christmas!

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