March setup – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

This is so exciting! We have an Irish theme for the month of March as we are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day AND Ireland is where I have met my fiancé 9 years ago on this very day!

As always, we are starting a new monthly layout with the monthly doodle that you can find in our Community library as a free printable. It is a Leprechaun which is a type of fairy in Irish folklore.

There are few changes throughout this layout starting with monthly log where you can see that I have cut the size of the log in half and moved the ‘What to improve, Stop doing, Get in touch with’ sections on to the second half of the page. The reason for this is to save some space as I use the monthly log only briefly and it is very helpful to have the latter sections within this spread! Everything that is planned out and should be done by the end of March is all in one place! This works out brilliantly.

On the opposite page, you can find a mini monthly calendar for the Between the steps’ blog posts & videos topics. My mission are monthly goals and actions to make them happen according to my mission statement; then monthly tasks and next month’s coming up. Everything will be coloured in Irish green & orange colours! The number 9 states for me & my fiancé’s anniversary, the upside down horseshoe means that your luck will not fall out, the gold is from the Leprechaun’s pot of gold that is hidden at the end of the rainbow and you can read more about Irish traditions here.


Monthly trackers have been adjusted! The upper section has 10 spaces for habits/activities, and right below it, there is a 1 to 10 scale tracker where you can track a number of hours you have slept, and on the 1-10 scale assess and mark your mood, diet and productivity/activity/energy level. Each day you mark these four activities (or more) with a dot and connect the dots as you progress toward the end of the month – this will give you a nice graphic view of how sleep is affecting your mood for example.

The wheel is a new round 3-habit tracker that I absolutely adore! It will look incredible once filled out. In here, I will be tracking my energy eating, hydrate & fitness separately because these 3 are crucial to my overall health; that is why I want to keep an eye on them and make them stand out! In February, I started learning Italian and this log at the bottom of the page has been very helpful – each day, I write and learn one word or phrase, plus I get to colour in that little square along sides!


This new monthly food log is wonderful in so many ways. My diet fell apart during January and I wanted to stop eating what was making me moody, fat, and very unhealthy. Before this, I tracked my lunch and dinner. Those were usually healthy meals. But because I was not keeping a record of any of my snacks or breakfast, I carried on eating too many carbs like it was no big deal. I knew I needed to change this and that is how this log has been born. I will not eat anything that cannot fit into these breakfast/lunch/snack/dinner’ boxes! The chopping board at the right corner can be used for recipe ideas, shopping list, new favourites etc.


‘Moments to cherish’ are any special moments that happened throughout the month of March! You can write them down or draw doodles, paint etc.

The mirrored flags look so pretty and will also be coloured in green&orange colours — they are Irish flags!

‘March review’ is a monthly review and I have moved ‘Last week review’ from previous setups over here to this spread. As you can see, there are 5 weeks in March and at the end of each week, I will come back to this page and write down how every week went, if I worked and lived up to my expectations. Summary is the entire month in words.


Weekly layouts! There are five layouts this month, the ‘Last week review’ has been removed creating more space for doodles – this was what triggered the idea of moving it to the monthly review in the first place – I wanted to have some space for adding colour to my weeklies and make them prettier. That little ‘social media and hydrate’ tracker has been working out very well last month! It did push me to drink more water so if you are struggling with your water intake, I can highly recommend having this within your layout too!

Would you like to watch the video? Come this way 🙂 → Youtube | March 2017 setup

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