JUNE summary

I had a blast this month!

Celebrating my 29th birthday was fun and I got to see my favourite Irish band ‘The Kilkennys’ playing in Corby, UK! It was amazing to see them again and their new member, Mick, who is very talented and played my favourite instrument – yes, bagpipes! 😀
And after 6 years, we finally managed to take a picture together! How did I meet the band? → 7 years ago, I had a very bad pneumonia that almost killed me. I lived in Kilkenny, Ireland back then. I was still in hospital and not exactly able to move just yet when they arrived to cheer me up and say hello (a friend contacted their manager who arranged this). I wasn’t able to say much and it exhausted me for the rest of the day, but it was unforgettable for me. After I was released from the hospital, we spent some time together and made friends 🙂 We also worked together on some photographs which you can view on their website/Facebook here.
Thank you so much, lads, love ya xxxx (photo from left: Tommy, Mick, Davey, Robbie)

I ran ‘Race for Life’ – it was only a 5K but after nearly two years of anxiety&depression, and no particular training, I finished it in just 34.38mins! It was so unbelievable I ran most of the time that I just burst into tears as I crossed the finish line – happy tears.

Weight loss – 5lb/2.3kg – I am losing fat now and feeling a lot lighter 🙂

I organised a first ‘Westie Walk’ in Nottinghamshire, UK. Our Facebook group is ‘Westie Walkies UK’ and so far, we have 38 members and growing so if you are a westie owner living in UK, come and join us!


Last but not least, I started this amazing blog that makes me very happy. I wanted to have something that is me so I can share things I love doing with you guys. I will also be adding a Youtube channel that scares me to death!! soon, so watch out and please, leave me comments – I’d love to talk to you too!