Improve your relationship in 28 days

February is the perfect month for focusing on your relationship. Personally, I think this month is charged with love and lots of kindness; let’s take advantage of it! Not only there is the famous Valentine’s Day on Tuesday 14th but also a Pancake day two weeks later on Tuesday 28th making it perfect to surprise your spouse with a delicious breakfast!

There were so many ideas in my head and at the end, I have put together a list of 28 themes (print yourself a copy from our Community library here 🙂 ) or things you can do every day with your partner throughout the month of February. Of course, you can switch the days as you like, come up with your own activities, just keep it safe 😉 I would not recommend any crazy games like running across the High Street in Cupid’s costume, not wearing underwear… You do not want to be chased by a policeman, haha!

These ideas are meant to sparkle your marriage/relationship, reconnect, maybe get to know yourselves better. Sometimes, in a long-term relationship, we forget how amazing it is to have someone who is crazy about us, who would do anything to get our attention, make us love him/her. On the other hand, are we really trying to do the same for our other half? Are we giving what we want to get?

We should never take our loved one for granted because we never know what might happen tomorrow. Or the next minute even.

Here is the list:

  1. ask for what you want with ‘Please’
  2. say ‘Thank you’ more
  3. write words with your fingers on his/her back
  4. have an ‘Unplug’ day together
  5. do some physical activity together
  6. Today: We laugh!
  7. encourage him to do what he loves
  8. cook his favourite meal
  9. give a ‘Just because’ gift
  10. have a glass of wine together and talk
  11. play a game together
  12. what did you both want to do when you were kids
  13. Today: Be patient.
  14. tell me you love me
  15. he loves your smile
  16. plan a surprise
  17. be romantic – candles, rose petals,..
  18. imagine what it’s like to walk in his shoes
  19. give him a day off, let him do what he wants
  20. Today: is yours. All day.
  21. look at him admiringly and make sure he sees you
  22. take a picture that says ‘I love you’
  23. hug him tightly and kiss him before he leaves for work
  24. know that he is doing his best
  25. show off your new underwear
  26. plan a date night
  27. leave him a sweet note
  28. Today: Dance with your husband.


Do you like the red ink I used? It is J Herbin 1670 Anniversary Collections ‘Rouge Hematite’  and it is my very favourite at the moment! It has a nice gold sheen to it.