February setup – Welcome to the month of love!


This month is amazing! So full of love and passionate planning! I LOVED setting up for February and I hope you will enjoy it too.

As always, we are starting with a monthly doodle that you can find in our Community Resource Library. I own a couple of dream catchers that are hanging over my bed and a few days ago, I got inspired and played with some ideas – the final result is in the picture below 🙂 I like to call it a ‘Love catcher’!

Please, feel free to print it out and colour in. We are using a #betweenthestepscommunity over the social media if you would like to share what you have done with the printables, you can attach this hashtag to your picture (simply type in the hashtag name in your picture description) 😉 I know it would make me super happy to see how creative you can be!



‘Open the door to fall in love!’ said Cupid in Santa Claus movie and I think it fits our February monthly log perfectly! There are 28 days for us to be awesome, what are we gonna do about it?



On the opposite page, you can find a mini monthly calendar again – I enjoyed having this mini view of the month in January a lot. Currently, it is used for planning the Between the steps’ blog posts and videos on YouTube, but you can personalize it anyhow.

A slight change to the previous titles here – what used to be called ‘Goals & Actions’ is now named ‘My mission’. The reason for this is that I want to keep referring to My Mission Statement (you can read about this in my previous post here or watch the video here) which was a little abandoned during the first couple of weeks in January, so I want to make sure I am on track with my big goals for 2017. We are basically playing with words but this will have a huge impact on our progress I believe!

Monthly ‘Tasks’ and next month’s ‘Coming up’ are placed in heaven! They are floating on puffy clouds with a guidepost – we get to choose between two ways of living – Fear or Love. I myself still find it very hard to let go of fear and truly believe that love is real sometimes. This guidepost will be our mantra for the entire month. Keep reminding yourself that you ARE loved!



How do you like the vertical version of our monthly tracker? It’s back again! There are 10 spaces waiting for you to fill out and start building up great habits in our Library as well… got it? Awesome! If you find it time consuming to cut it out and glue on the page in your journal, try using those sticky label sheets that you can easily peel off to stick on to the page in no time!

‘Stop doing’ is a record of things or actions that no longer work for you. You face your reality here and it will help you to get rid of any negativity that is going on in your life. It is painful sometimes but it needs to be dealt with.
‘What to improve’ – this is very straight forward. What do you want to be better at? Write it down. Now, look at it. What one thing can you do right now? Go and do it, I’ll wait 😉

‘Get in touch with’ proved to be very helpful! Think about people you haven’t seen for a long time, people you would love to meet one day, anybody you can help to etc. Choose wisely whom you socialize with because these people will have a massive impact on who you will become.


Who doesn’t love to look back at their happy memories and best moments of their life? That is what ‘Moments to cherish’ page is for. You can write, draw, paint, colour in any happy moments you experienced throughout the month, and then refer back to it in many years to come.
‘February review’ reflects how your month went – have you lived up to your expectations, are you making a progress towards your big picture and yearly goals?

Weekly spreads! We have four weekly layouts, all the same but there is a small addition to it. A tiny cute water intake & social media tracker! My water glass is quite large; therefore I only need to drink about 6 glasses of water per day, but you might find that you need less or more than that. We are all individuals and I highly recommend you go on Google, type in ‘what is my daily water intake’ and it will help you to find a special calculator for it. Your weight, height, and activity level is different from everybody else’s so please, find out what it is.

Would you like to know more about these weekly layouts? See previous setups where I explain what each category (e.g. Last week review) is for or watch the videos on YouTube 🙂

Behind weeklies, there is a journal portion of the month where I write anything I have on mind. It helps to relax and unload your brain.


List of my favourite supplies – click here


Would you like to watch the video? Come this way 🙂 → Youtube | February 2017 setup