Essential oils for beginners


Essential oils are extracted from certain parts of the plant (roots, seeds, leaves etc.) or other source. How are they extracted? There are at least 3 ways:

  1. Steam distillation
  2. Resin tapping
  3. Cold pressing


Personally, I prefer buying organic essential oils because you are breathing it – it goes right to your body, so you want to make sure you are not breathing any additional chemicals that are heavily sprayed over the plants to make them grow faster and avoid bugs feeding on them (it kills the bugs, they are living organisms, and for that reason, you can see this is pretty bad for you too). Anything organic is slightly more expensive than cheaper products, but it is worth it in a long run. Plus, the more we all buy organic, the more it will be available, therefore cheaper in the future.

Different scents stimulate different parts of our brain.

Essential oils for the left part of the brain – energy & focus:

– orange, lemon, grapefruit, pine, cypress, juniper, tea tree, cedarwood (ADD, ADHD), peppermint, jasmine, patchouli, Ylang-Ylang, eucalyptus

Essential oils for the right part of the brain – trauma & anxiety:

– bergamot, geranium, basil, lemon balm, frankincense, Ylang-Ylang, chamomile, lavender, valerian, spruce, rose


Organic lavender oil will help you wake up fresh in the morning. Spray over the bed before sleep.

What you need?

100ml glass spray bottle

– 100ml distilled water – boil tap water and let it cool

– 3 drops of organic lavender oil (antifungal)

– 2 drops of organic eucalyptus oil (antibacterial)


You can also use this mixture to clean your yoga mat. Most essential oils are antibacterial and antifungal! This is a natural way to disinfect your surroundings. And your home will smell like spa 🙂


Never open more than one bottle at a time. It is very easy to get overwhelmed by the strong scents and you may end up not knowing which cap belongs to which bottle.

Essential oil recipes don’t you just love this spread? Feel free to use these recipes and see what works best for you, what suit your personality and what you find helps you to release negative emotions OR boost positivity!

Michaela’s RECOMMENDATION for beginners:

There are so many essential oils to choose from, I highly recommend buying lavender & eucalyptus because these two are essentially the ones you will find yourself using the most. You cannot fault these two scents – they will make you feel clean and relaxed! And as I mentioned before, the combination of these two is a great way to sanitize your apartment, clean your yoga mat, natural air freshener, in the bath etc.


Essential oil diffuser is a great way to humidify and purify your home. You simply add water and a few drops of any essential oil(s) that you like, switch it on and it creates very relaxing atmosphere!

If you prefer a more traditional way, you can get a ceramic oil burner where you place a tealight candle inside.


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