Don’t let anything dull your sparkle by Doreen Virtue

How to break free of negativity and drama

Published in 2015 and distributed by Hay House.

This book is based on scientific research of how drama, trauma, and stress are affecting your life. It focuses on finding and recovering your sparkle, and how to develop healthy relationships with other people.



My insights:

I have found this book very helpful. Never have I fully realised before how much my past traumas were holding me back.

Doreen explains the difference between direct and indirect trauma, how it can unconsciously affect your life, and what post-traumatic stress reaction is (PTSD/PTSR).

“It’s not a disorder – it’s an understandable reaction to trauma.”

You can find out what histamine addiction is and how high-histamine diet can increase your stress levels as well as drama addiction.

Regaining your sparkle by balancing Yin and Yang is one of my favourite parts and there are many tips on how to balance these two energies by going on a drama detox.

What else can you find in this book?

  • Tips on how to clean your home using natural products
  • Essential oils, massage, meditation and yoga benefits
  • Where to find support
  • Who to socialize with and how to listen to your gut

“Remember that the point isn’t to change the other person or get him or her to apologize. The point is to help YOU deal with family dynamic in healthy ways.”


I highly recommend reading this book. There might be an unsolved issue or trauma you don’t even realise is holding you back from your true happiness. Letting go of things that happened is very hard and more than often we tend to suppress the feelings that cause us pain – if we don’t deal with such feelings, they will keep coming back in many unexpected forms.