Daily planning for maximum productivity

There is a very thin line between being busy and being productive. You probably realised by now that there is a difference. Juggling too many plates at the same time may lead to a big crash and it hurts to get hit by a plate that is still spinning! To avoid the pain, you need to sit down and think. I mean, SIT and THINK 😉

Daily planning is a great routine to get things done and achieve goals you have set for yourself earlier. Here is what I like to do:

Schedule tasks in the evening for the next day so when I wake up, I do not have to think about it or question myself even if I will get this or that done or make excuses like “I don’t have time to…” – no, this is not happening. I go, I schedule, I do — and so will you 🙂 This is what the weekly layout is for in my journal – daily tasks and weekly planning.

Prioritize – very important and I like my ‘magic 3’ number of tasks that I get done no matter what. I also do this for my weekly, monthly and yearly tasks/goals. This is crucial for your personal growth. From personal experience, I have discovered that 3 things are enough not to get overwhelmed, intimidated or discouraged — this is where your confidence is stepping in and if you set the line for yourself too high, you won’t achieve what you wanted to and your self-esteem will go way down as well as your motivation. And we do not want this to be happening. So, don’t be too hard on yourself, set 3 major tasks every day and start making a progress one beautiful step at a time. You can do this!

Now that you have your next day tasks sorted, you can wake up and get cracking right away without thinking “Oh, what was it that I was supposed to do today?” or something like that. You are fresh in the morning and ready to get things done so this saves you a lot of time. But again, this depends on a personal preference; you might like setting things up for yourself first thing in the morning – as long as you finish, you’re fine 😉

After my morning routine (reading, exercise, meditation, affirmations etc.), I sit down and write in my journal – daily pages are right behind a monthly setup to assure I have plenty of space to get creative. This part of the morning will fire me up because I set my mindset the way I want it to be – mood recording plays a big part in this and you can read about it here. By writing positive things down, you are making sure that your day will go well! I also have a gratitude log in my self-development book, and I log my gratitude every single day because there is always something to be grateful for and it will make you happier.

I like to start journaling with drawing a little doddle to put the date into, writing the day in cursive and make it look like calligraphy, draw the weather icon, log the temperature (I check this on my phone), and record my mood. Then I write what I want to get done today, what I’m looking forward to, what was awesome about this day, new accomplishment, goals met etc.


After this I go to my weekly spread, tick off what I’ve done so far in my weekly tracker (transforming to a monthly tracker at the end of every week) and check what needs to get done today in the daily tasks box.

That’s it! It might seem like a lot of work but it will, in fact, save you plenty of time! Planning and organising your day properly will ensure that you will be more productive and get more done than you would by running around without knowing exactly what you’re doing. There is also a massive benefit of planning like this → when you look back, you will see how much you have accomplished and how far you have come from where you started. I highly recommend keeping your notebook when you finish it for future reference and while you’re still using it, look aback time to time to see the changes and the results of the hard work that you have committed to in order to make yourself proud and happy, and get motivated over and over again by your personal evolution 🙂

Good luck and let me know how it goes! I am also very open to any tips/suggestions of yours so don’t be shy and get in touch! The conversation is happening right below this post 🙂


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Have a wonderful day and happy journaling!!

♥♥♥Love to all ♥♥♥