BUllet JOurnal

Secret’s out!

I am a stationary addict and as such, I have several books that I use to get me through my daily life.

My latest favourites are:

  • turquoise Leuchtturm 1917 – can be found here
  • lemon Leuchtturm 1917
  • Filofax Malden personal size – linked here


I will be posting all sorts of layouts, hacks, and things you can do with your BUJO under this section. Maybe I love my planners/journals a little too much but I am sure if you haven’t got your own little notebook already, you will be hooked soon enough to join the world of journaling.

Remember, there is no right or wrong! You can do whatever you want with your journal 😉 It has to feel right for YOU.


Let’s BUJO!