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I am officially transferring to my new dotted red Leuchtturm1917! This is so exciting! I have been using a lovely turquoise Leuchtturm since May but it has plain pages (they don’t sell this one in dotted here in UK – not when I was ordering) and I found it too difficult to move the liner underneath the paper plus it kept falling out all the time. So, I treated myself to a new BEAUTIFUL book!! Look at it 🙂 isn’t it pretty?

I am starting this journal with September and I hope you’ll like what I’ve done so far. There are a few pages at the very beginning and I might do a flip through in about a month or two – please, bear in mind that I am still experimenting with layouts and not really settled with anything yet. I’m not sure if I ever settle anyway because I like to try new things and keep you inspired!

Let’s start, shall we?

First page is monthly log (bulletjournal.com) followed by monthly planning. I like to set goals for the month and necessary steps to achieve them, hence ‘To make it happen’. You can find monthly tasks and notes for the next month there too. I left the middle section empty for now and it could be used as an indicator to what worked/did not work this month, or I might write an inspirational quote there, track something etc.

After this, there is a monthly blog spread – this is a new thing as I recently started this blog and want to write on regular basis so I really felt like I need something to keep it organized. This is what I came up with and I LOVE it 🙂 On one side, I have a monthly calendar (I am publishing from Monday to Friday, that’s why the weekend is missing here) where I’m going to colour code categorised posts as they are planned to be published.
I have 4 categories here – health (Mon), food (Tue), relationships (Thu), and journaling (Fri). Each category will be posted on a particular day, hence the numbers inside those boxes state for number of posts in each category this month. I also wrote down my dogs’ blog – westiejoy.com – that’s been put on side for the last two months and I want to make sure we publish something new at least every other Wednesday (twice a month).

September’s got 5 weeks and I keep them all together because it feels more organized. So the order of my planner is actually from monthly to weekly to daily. Some people like to go from week to week meaning they only plan for the current week and keep dailies according to that week together, and then move onto another week and its dailies.
I am moving everything from my Filofax Malden to this notebook and I kept the things that are most useful:

  • goals – I think having 3 weekly goals is enough. It can get pretty overwhelming when you have 5 and then stressing about not having enough time to actually reach them. It is discouraging and I highly recommend to increase the number of your weekly goals if you cannot keep up – this doesn’t mean that you failed because sometimes it is a true miracle to achieve the one thing that we were wanting for a long time! Celebrate no matter what, you deserve it
  • last week review – try this, it helps a lot with whatever you are working on. Reviewing monthly is great but doing it weekly is fantastic as you can keep up with your progress a lot better and achieve goals faster. You learn from what you have or have not done and move on to the next step:
  • this week outcomewhat do you expect from this week?
  • weekly tasks
  • printed tracker – until now, this was in my Malden and think I might keep using them like this because I like it 🙂 and it fits nicely!
  • coming up – yes, next week or any other week’s notes
  • last but not least, weekly boxes – as I proceed from day to day, I write down daily tasks in these little boxes and keep this section open on my desk all day so I can see what still needs doing. The tiny box at the bottom is for my workouts and weight.

Memories are placed right at the end of weekly spreads – I wanted to keep all these pages together so my dailies are also in one lot. I think I got the idea of this name from Kara (Boho Berry) and I like it better than ‘Highlights’ or ‘What was amazing about this month’, the latter was a bit long and took too much space.

And that’s it! I am ready to start my dailies on Monday and will keep you posted how it’s going but in the meantime, please, let me know how you’re keeping up with your journal, progress, goals etc. I really hope you found some inspiration here today and if you did, please, let me know in the comment section below. If there is anything you’d like to see, drop me a comment or come by to any of my social media to say hello – I’ll be happy to see you!

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