Bullet journal | May 2017 setup

Can you believe we are setting up for May already? Time flies! And I have moved to a brand new Leuchtturm1917 in Emerald colour, woohoo!

CARPE MENSIS ‘Seize the month’ is the title of my monthly log spread that is focused entirely on accomplishing my goals/mission for the year 2017. Focus on is a section for things I want to accomplish within the second quarter of the year, Not working is for activities that are not taking me anywhere near to my goals or things that are simply not working, and Reach out is where you can write down any name or company you would like to get in touch with during the month of May.
My mission is a part of my big yearly goals that are broken down to monthly goals and actions to make them happen. You have probably noticed that I have added ‘What does it mean to me?’ section which is my WHY – the reason why I am working on these goals and what it means to me. This is very important if you want to make progress, improve your life etc. Without a reason, there is no point of doing things, is there?
Mini monthly calendar is for scheduling my BTS blog posts/videos. Monthly tasks for anything you’d like to complete this month and future Coming up for any events, tasks, appointments etc.
I have used my favourite pastel Tombow dual brush pens for colouring this spread – except for Focus on, Not working and Reach out where I used a regular colouring pencil Marco Raffine.

I incorporated the weekly review into this monthly review in April and it has worked out very well – it is great to have everything together so you can clearly see how you were doing the entire month! At the end of each week, you write down how your week went and then you will do the same at the end of the month only you will focus on the entire month.
This month, I am sticking to the same monthly tracker we had during the month of April and you can find it as a printable in our Community library – I left it all blank for you and without that separating line 😉

There are four weeks in May (18-21)!  You can see that instead of ‘This week outcome’ there is a Focus on instead – this is to make sure I am working on my ‘3-month accomplishment’ list! It is an awesome tool to keep you motivated and really focused on the big picture. Have you tried it yet?
Everything else is the same and the space in the right corner is for…. yes? That’s right! Our weekly tracker!

This food log is awesome! Seriously, I love it so much I have it for the third month in a row in my journal! You know how much I like to mix things up but this one is sticking around, hehe.

May mood mandala inspired by Fiona @bujo.mama is a new addition to my bullet journal – I tried this last month and really enjoyed the process and how it was turning out. Even if you wouldn’t draw the mandala in black pen over the colours, it would still be pretty!

Say hello to my newest project Tell me you love me with its very own hashtag #mylovelog ! WORDS ARE IMPORTANT and so are the actions. This spread is basically a reminder of nice words and things that your loved one tells or does for you during the month of May (please note, it doesn’t have to be your partner only, it could be your parents, your pet, friends etc.). You can write it down or doodle something pretty 🙂 Share the love by using the #mylovelog in your picture description and if you’d like, you can tag me in it (@betweenthesteps) I can’t wait to see what you will have in your love log!

After a few months’ pause, I am embracing a gratitude log again! This one is inspired by Helen @journalwithpurpose and the idea is to have all the lovely words together on one page only separated with small bullets. On the opposite page will be my Moments to cherish doodles and memories of the month.


Would you like to watch the video now? Come this way 🙂 → Youtube | May 2017 setup