Bullet journal | June 2017 setup

Happy June to you all!!

I am making changes to my productivity plans that I believe will boost your own productivity levels and it’s my 30th birthday this month, WOOHOO!!! Super exciting month ahead!



As always in my Leuchtturm1917  which is now hugged in this wonderful Navigator A5 leather cover, we are starting with a monthly log on the left portion of the left page along with a new productivity planning that is divided into 3 areasBusiness, Family & Home, and Personal. Each area has 5 goals/tasks/to-do/events that I want to complete by the end of the month. These goals are closely related to each other. For instance, I plan to open a new Etsy shop in June meaning, one of my monthly tasks in Business area will be to design a logo, another task would be to create my first product etc. We are breaking down one very big picture into 5 manageable tasks that are easier to follow and complete. I was doing this with my previous ‘My mission’ but the problem with it was that those mission goals were too big, too general – e.g. open an Etsy shop, eat healthy, lose 2kg etc. These needs to be broken down into specific smaller chunks, hence why I have 5 goals/tasks under each area. Plus, you get to reward yourself by ticking off completed goals more often 😉

On the right page, there is my favourite mini monthly calendar for keeping track of any published or planned blog posts & videos. Focus on, not working and get in touch with proved to be very helpful and functional – we shall see how these categories work out together with our new 3 areas from the left page!

The little cute jar can be found as a free printable in our Community library and you can use it as your monthly doodle page or as I have it here – general monthly tasks‘ list with a ‘coming next’ tag list.


June monthly review is a brilliant tool to see the entire progress of the whole month – if you haven’t tried it yet, please do! Whatever you are working on, at the end of each week, you can write down how you felt, how it went, any progress you made or mistakes etc. And at the end of the month, you write a monthly summary – how was your month? How do you feel it went? Any regrets? Anything you could have done better? How satisfied are you with the results of your actions?



There are 5 weeks in June – what can you find here?

  • 3 weekly goals – one for each area – Business goal, Family & Home goal, and Personal goal.
  • Weekly tasks – right at the top of the list, you can see 5 dots. Those are 5 most important tasks to be completed this particular week – tasks to achieve your weekly goals.
  • Daily boxes – every day (let’s say from Monday to Friday) you want to complete one of your 5 most important weekly tasks. Make it urgent. Highlight the task in your daily box and make it a priority to do before everything else!
  • Focus on – I like to use this space for any quote, doodle etc. to keep me motivated throughout the week. These are my own words, colours that I fancy to see that week, washi tapes etc. (check out my Instagram for more pictures).
  • Social media and water intake tracker
  • Weekly tracker – in the corner of the right page (you can print it out of our Community library, fill it in with your own tasks, and glue onto the page)
  • Number of the week in the left corner



Food log! It’s getting warmer outside which is a perfect time to enjoy fresh limes! Haha, this fruit is lovely all year round – infuse your water with it 😉



Since I am celebrating my 30th birthday this month, it seemed like a perfect idea to have this cake as a June mood tracker! There are 30 days in June, 30th birthday, 30 candles on top – it’s brilliant, isn’t it? I will definitely post a picture on Instagram when I colour it in and when it’s completed!



What a life is a gratitude log page along with #mylovelog where I will be writing/drawing/painting anything lovely my fiance did or told me during the month of June. #mylovelog is a new hashtag that you can use over the social media to share your own love log – in here, you can log anything that made you feel loved! It could be a great feedback from someone, a hug from your pet, a letter from friend etc.



I like to keep my fountain pens organized and keep track of what ink is in which pen. Also, every month, I give them a good clean and ink them up with new or previous inks. It makes a nice and functional spread in your journal!


For this setup, I used my favourite Uni Pin fine liner and a new Pigma Micron pens!


Would you like to watch the video? Come this way 🙂 → Youtube | June 2017 setup