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As you well know, we were moving the house a couple of months ago, and that required a lot of planning and creating new spreads in my bullet journal (yay!). I truly believe that you and your friends will find this article helpful and it might even save you a lot of troubles & money when moving the house yourself.



Let’s start with ‘Our Big Move‘ pages πŸ™‚

This served my family as a guiding board, kind of like a map to turn to when you don’t know which way to go and need some direction. Here, you can find important things such as:

  • remember to – change address, cancel gym membership in advance, sort out your business details, let pen pals know you are moving, fees & costs
  • marked day you found the new house and its address
  • list of spreads to create
  • new address to be given to…
  • and fees paid (picture below)



If you are wondering about how these pages were decorated, I used a stencil, Memento inks, Tombows and stamps – a link to my favourite supplies is here.


Disclaimer: All of these spreads and opinions are my own. Nothing more or less than a personal research and feedback given based on service & attitude.


On the left page, there is a list of agencies I contacted starting with ‘Contact’ – a couple of agencies we have a very good experience with and I wanted to contact them first before calling anyone else. Below, there is a section called ‘Pleasant’. This is exactly what it says, a pleasant approach of the agency’s side meaning, they were willing to help by asking the landlord to kindly accept our two westie dogs, they talked straight to us and as of today (10/11/2017), I would recommend these agencies to rent a house with to other people. On the other hand, there is also a section for not so pleasant agencies, ‘Avoid’. I talked about this a little bit more on my channel and shall soon film a more detailed video about what exactly happened to my family.

House viewings!

We have viewed 8 houses before finding the one that was suitable for us all! It was very VERY helpful to keep this list and I listed these things for each property:

  • monthly rent
  • full address
  • what agency we were viewing with
  • arranged date & time
  • notes – overall experience, suitability, neighbourhood, parking etc.



Do you ever get confused by the number of people and companies you need to get in touch with to change your address? If so, this is the list for you! Address update is simply a long list of whom you need to contact to update your details πŸ™‚



Packing is not exactly fun unless you only have one suitcase to carry, hehe. This packing list is divided into categories – rooms. The idea is to focus on one area at a time which I found extremely helpful. If you were moving from one house to another bringing your own furniture, garden stuff etc., you know that you do not need a much-detailed list. That would probably take up another notebook, right?



Moving in, moving out, or both! No matter which one, ALWAYS take pictures of the property/student rental the first day you move in and the day you are handing it back over to the agency! I cannot urge this enough – this is a very important evidence should it come to needing it. Same importance goes to saving your emails exchanged with the agency/landlord and if they call you on the phone, put it all in writing, email that to them and request a confirmation. It is better to be careful and gather everything you can, than be sorry later πŸ˜‰

Don’t forget is basically the last stage of moving where I jotted down whatever flew over my mind and didn’t want to forget.


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Please, let me know if you enjoyed reading this post, I am curious to learn your thoughts!

Much love to you,

Michaela xx