Bullet journal 2017 series | Celebrate your achievements!


How often do you give yourself credit for completing your goal or task? Why should you wait for that ‘special’ moment to celebrate and ‘the right time’ to feel happy and appreciated?

In this episode of 2017 planning series, we are going to focus on celebrating our achievements!



WHY should you celebrate?

  • to develop a success mindset – reflecting on your goals & achievements will make you realize how much you have accomplished and you will feel absolutely AWESOME!
  • you are on your very own life path and as you walk it, there will be many obstacles and troubles to overcome – this is how you learn and grow as a person
  • look at the list you have done in the previous episode, take a moment here and truly appreciate yourself, your abilities and commitment
  • it takes courage to work on your goals and by celebrating them, you will be motivated to do more!


HOW can you celebrate?

You don’t have to organize an expensive party or book a vacation that you cannot really afford at the moment (thumbs up if you can, just go for it πŸ˜‰ ). There are many ways to celebrate your wins on a budget:

  • take a few days off – it can be a couple of days or a week, but take some time off from chasing your dreams. It will help you relax your brain, gain perspective and you will be eager to dig in again – it’s so refreshing!
  • there is no need for a special occasion, this IS the right moment to dress up and celebrate – put on your best clothes and have a drink (or some watermelon balls in a glass, my favourite)
  • sometimes you might think there is no one to share your successes with – think again. Got it? There must be at least one person, a family member, your penpal, a friend on social media, someone… thank this person for his/her support and see what happens. A simple ‘Thank you’ goes a long way!
  • now here is my favourite and I think, you will love it too – bake some cake! But I am not talking about a Victoria sponge or some banana bread (although, these are very good cakes), get your baking skills right on the table and BAKE something really fancy! Why don’t you try a big birthday cake? You will LOVE it and it is another achievement for you that all family & friends can enjoy. Of course, if you want to share, hehe πŸ™‚
  • I am sure that by now, you have your journal or you plan to get one – write down how you feel about your accomplishments. It helps releasing your happy hormone, dopamine. You will feel very happy and pleased with yourself – do share this with others! No matter how big or small your achievements are, people love seeing other people happy and they will cheer you on! I personally LOVE hearing from every one of you when you share what you have accomplished with me! It makes my heart skip with so much joy. By sharing your personal wins, you ARE making other people happy. There is nothing ridiculous about this, you do not need to feel embarrassed at all – from my own personal experience, yes, there are people who will ridicule others but that has got nothing to do with you! This is very sad but these are their own personal insecurities, so do not pay attention to it πŸ˜‰




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