Bullet journal 2017 series 06 | Reality check


Can you believe the first half of the year is almost behind us??! It is time to do some serious reviewing of our goals and what we have accomplished so far. Personally, I love reviewing quarterly in my Leuchtturm1917 because you can achieve pretty much anything within 3 months if you set your mind into it and give it your 100% attention.

At the end of each quarter of the year, I ask myself two crucial questions:

  1. How do I think it went?
    Think about the past three months and in your own words, write down how you think and feel it went. Did you stick to your plans? How has it affected your life? Any changes that made you feel so and so?
  2. What have I accomplished?
    This is a list of things you have done, completed, achieved. It truly is a massive reality check because you get to see everything here, nothing can hide πŸ˜‰ And remember, nothing is too small!


After you answer these couple of questions, you will come to a conclusionare you satisfied with the above accomplishments? Could you have done anything better? What would you do differently?


Now it’s time to set another quarter of the year which I like to start with a question that holds my future in its overtone – What do I see myself doing, thinking, feeling? Give this question some thought and really focus on each verb. These are your own words and will keep you motivated throughout this period!

So, what would you like to accomplish within these next 3 months? Make a list πŸ™‚


We are currently still in the second quarter of 2017. In the previous picture, you can see the list of accomplishments that I would like to achieve by the end of June – this list has been transferred over to this lovely watercolour background that I have printed out on a label sheet and made numerous copies to put them around the house, e.g. bathroom, car, dining table, wallet etc. You can print this out as well from our Community library for your personal use and fill it out with your own accomplishments!

How is it going?

To me, this is a powerful question that I regularly come back to. It’s important to keep these short notes of your progress within this spread, it will keep you grounded and with peace of mind. We tend to panic sometimes when it comes to big goals, big accomplishments, and as we approach the end of each quarter, we can even get upset with ourselves that we are nowhere near completing this huge goal.
For me, it is my Etsy shop that I plan to open by the end of June. I am working on it, giving it my all BUT if I will not finish some things in order to open this shop, I will not get upset because I know I am doing my best! The most important thing is to realise that you are doing your best and that you are moving forward. Maybe you don’t get to finish some of your goals you have set for this particular quarter of the year, but you will be a lot better prepared to get it done within the next three months. You will then know, what you are doing. Sometimes, it is just better to postpone this huge goal rather than rush it and not being able to be truly happy with the result! I am not saying you procrastinate – no way! – I am saying, that when you know you are working on your massive goals & accomplishments, you can give yourself a ‘mental break’ and finish off when you feel it is ready and great.

This section is all about writing down your progress and I wish you good luck with it all!


I truly hope you find this helpful and if you do, please, share this post and video with others so they can achieve their dreams too!


Would you like to watch the video? Come this way πŸ™‚ β†’ Youtube | 2017 series 06 – Reality check