Bullet journal 2017 series 05 | How to hold yourself accountable


You have set yourself some goals, tried to build up habits, learned how to control your circles and have done a drama detox using the previous videos and blog posts of our 2017 planning series.

In this episode, I want to share with you 6 tips that I came up with on how to hold yourself accountable.

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  1. WHY – have a reason
    I keep repeating this in every episode because knowing why you want certain things is going to determine your actions, so this is VERY important.
    Ask yourself, what is driving you NOW? Not what it was x years ago. It has to be something that is making you happy or scare the hell out of you – now or long-term!
    E.g. I work out because I don’t want to be morbidly obese, I want to live longer, I want to fit in my clothes, feel sexy…
    Whatever the reason, it has to be significant. ALWAYS have your reasons!
  2. BELIEVE in yourself
    You can do this, you have the power to do anything you want if you believe it. How bad do you want it?
    Don’t listen to other people when they say you cannot do this or that. For instance, you might be told that as a pregnant girl/woman you cannot go to college, you are too fat to be a model or too thin/old, you should keep quiet and blend in, you are too young to be able to do this… whatever it may be, these are other people’s fears and insecurities. It has nothing to do with you personally!
  3. accountability PARTNER
    This can be a family member, your partner, a friend, life coach, or even your dentist – this was my case in 2016 when I was fixing my teeth and stopped eating junk food altogether because I didn’t want to damage my newly done teeth, but I also found it deeply disrespectful toward my dentist.
    Whether you have an accountability partner or not, you must commit to YOURSELF and your decisions.
    Stop relying on someone else or making excuses like ‘I have no time, no money, no connections, I am so unlucky, I have a bad year’ etc. Don’t blame the circumstances, change them! It’s not the government’s fault that you are not working on your goals/dreams. It’s not your accountability partner’s fault either. Take a look at your life, what kind of person has a life like this?
    Be responsible for your actions and the following results – these are your decisions. You created your way of living and if you don’t like it or want to improve some areas, take responsibility and make necessary changes to get yourself where you want to be.

  5. FOCUS on one thing
    This is pretty straight forward, right? Focus on one thing at a time has proved to be most effective. Statistically, only about 2% of people can multitask effectively, and it also means that multitasking lowers your IQ. There are lots of studies and researches on this topic, this is not something I made up.
    Whatever it is you are doing or working on, give it your 100% attention – whether it’s changing your baby’s nappy, working on some reports at the office, or giving a speech to thousands of people! Always give it you ALL! This is also how we learn to be present and actually enjoy our life as we notice things around us better.
  6. GENERATE motivation
    Motivation does not appear on its own, it has to be brought up. Mind that nobody or nothing will do this for you and you have to work hard to be motivated and maintain your daily actions toward your goals! These goals have to be exciting/important enough for you to commit to working on them every day. That is what keeps you motivated! See the results, feel them, and visualize yourself achieving them! Does it feel good? I hope so!
    Go back to the tip number 1, your reasons. Is it motivating enough? Your reasons are crucial to everything you do, make sure you take time to think about them.
    Your reasons, belief, commitment, responsibility, and focus will keep you motivated! If ever in doubt, go back to your reasons, they are the foundation stone of your future accomplishments.

NOTE: You can print and fill out the spread yourself – visit our Community library here.
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