Bullet journal 2017 SERIES 01 | Goal setting



You want to improve your life, you have the desire to live better and organize your life, reach your potential, make your dreams to become a reality… Does it sound like something you are interested in? Let’s start planning!



If you won’t take control of your life, someone else will do it for you!


In this spread that we set up earlier here, we are going to seek our values and things that are important to us individually. We have three sections to cover:


  • To be – do you want to be healthy, fit, confident, a manager, financially free etc. ? What do you want ‘to be’?
  • To do – anything you wish ‘to do’ this year is listed here, e.g. travel, learn something new, find new friends.
  • To have/ownwhat is it you want to have, gain, own? It could be a house, a pet, reaching a certain level of your skills etc.



There many reasons for us to want certain things. List them all but prioritize and only pick up to 5 reasons that are most important to you, reasons that truly matter; and focus on working on these mainly. Give them your full attention and focus.

Start with your WHY if you are not sure WHAT you want.

You may ask yourself ‘Why would I even do this? What is the point? What’s in it for me?’ The answer is in the question – I want you to look at your life and answer yourself honestly:

‘Is there nothing I can improve? Am I 100% satisfied with the way I live, with my environment, my job, my relationship,..?

So, why would you do this? The reasons are in your WHY column, and your goals or things you want to do, change, or improve, are in your WHAT column.


In this section, you will list general action steps – usually, these are bigger projects that need breaking down into manageable tasks which are small steps that you do every day, every week and some need to be work on every month. It sounds like a lot of work but trust me, your life is worth it and you will thank yourself later!

Take a look at these actions – What can you do today? What can you do right now? Can you make a call? Get in touch with someone crucial to your growth? Go for a walk? Maybe it’s something as simple as opening your eyes. Taking responsibility for what you do or don’t do. There is always something you can do right now, this minute. Find it!


MY MISSION is a personal statement. It is basically a contract with yourself that defines you are committed to your goals, your decisions, your reasons… that you are committed to yourself.

You live by your standards – if you expect more or better results, you need to raise your standards and expectations. They reflect on the way you live and who you surround yourself with.




These are different areas of your life in which you have responsibility. Your roles could be a mother, father-in-law, daughter, baker, teacher, church member, student, neighbour etc.

Take each role and write down what you are about in this role – What is important to you? Once you figure out what your roles are, you can set the long-term goals within each of these roles. For instance – as a fiancée, I want to connect with my partner so one of my goals would be to have regular date nights.

Identifying and writing down your roles may help you with structuring your personal mission.

2017 GOALS are based on ‘My roles’ and ‘Why?’ (reasons). This is how you find what you want to achieve, these are your goals, not someone else’s. By signing you mission statement, you promise yourself that you commit, take responsibility for your actions, and achieve.

Remember, you created these goals for yourself yourself, it’s all about choices and it is up to you to give these everything you have!


All the little things you do every day. These are what make your life a happy place and bring you to the life of your dreams. It can be something as simple as lighting a candle every night before you go to bed, kissing your loved one every time he/she comes home, opening the window in the morning, waking up early to watch your children asleep etc. The little things that have meaning. What is it that puts a smile on your face every day?


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