BuJo Travels | 24 hours in Yorkshire | Mini Road Trip

Taking a break from time to time is great for your overall wellbeing. I wanted to do something on my own for a long time and after having a ‘not so good’ time for the last few weeks, this sudden decision to take off for a couple of days seemed the perfect idea. On Friday evening (March 10th 2017), I sat down and wrote a brief packing list that you can see below:

Saturday, March 11th

Whitby, here I come! I mistakenly thought that Whitby is a small village – nope, it’s a big and very busy town! It is situated in North Yorkshire and was the home to Captain James Cook. It took me about 3.5hours drive (140mi / 225km) through the North York Moors National Park – the views on the way there were great and so were the roads – before I got to my sleeping spot above the beach where I had a magnificent view of the entire beach, Whitby town, and nearby fishing village Sandsend. I got my car ready for sleeping and went for a long exploring walk to Whitby! They have the biggest Herring Gulls flying about & making a LOT of noise, I have ever seen!

Sunday, March 12th

Sleeping in a car is not comfortable unless your car is big enough to stretch yourself in there. I slept about 4 hours and those felt like daydreaming – I dreamed about crashing into the sea while sleeping as I parked on the edge of the cliff and couldn’t help but think about it all night. I am actually quite frightened of water because that is something you cannot control at all. Out of all natural disasters, I personally think that the ones caused by water are the worst. Besides, I grew up in the mountains where we got flooded every spring and it was very dangerous.

Obviously, nothing happened. I was hoping for a breath-taking sunrise above the sea at dawn – nope, that did not happen. But on the plus side, it was not raining. I went for a toilet walk (public toilet was open at 7am), took some last pictures of Whitby, and drove off to Sandsend where I have spotted very rare Iceland Gulls! I love birding so this was a real treat for me! And, the sun came out and showed its rays through the clouds – that was magnificent.

Aysgarth Falls are a must-see attraction. I could not wait to get there (parking is £2.50/2.5hrs). Rivers and bridges are my thing and these falls are special in many ways! Not only there are so many falls and cascades on this river called Ure, but Kevin Costner was filming the Robin Hood movie here in these very falls! The fight with Little John to be precise. I spent two hours around this place before driving to another gem – Ribblehead Viaduct.

On the way there, I drove across the Yorkshire Dales National Park where people go for a famous challenge ‘Three Peaks’ – I have spotted all them from distance and they are magnificent hills!

The Ribblehead Viaduct is HUGE. My first impression was ‘wow’ as it suddenly appeared in front of me from behind the hill. Even though the weather was not great, there were many people viewing this masterpiece!

All in all, this was a superb trip, much needed break from everything! I enjoyed every second of it 🙂

Total mileage:
362.5mi / 583km


Would you like to watch the video? Come this way 🙂 → YouTube | 24 hours in Yorkshire