Between the steps challenge | January 2018 – New me


New year, new project!!

I am absolutely thrilled about launching our new Between the steps challenge series!!!


How it works:

Each month we will have a set of daily journaling prompts that I will post here on the blog, over on Instagram and in our private Community group on Facebook. You can do whatever you like – write, draw, paint etc.

I give a great deal of time into putting every #betweenthestepschallenge together and the idea is that they will help you grow in your personal and professional life (while having fun!).

Please, keep in mind that we all start somewhere. Do not worry about what your writing/drawing looks like. Have fun and feed your soul by doing what you enjoy, talking to others and sharing your pages with us to connect – the more people share their pages and our daily prompts, the more we learn, grow, and help each other! Also, do not worry if you miss a few days, just join in whenever you can!


How to participate:

  • follow and tag @betweenthesteps
  • share the challenge picture with daily prompts on your feed to spread the word
  • join in by posting a photo of your daily pages
  • use #betweenthestepschallenge hashtag in your captions to unite people who are taking a part
  • engage with others by liking, commenting, sharing and asking questions
  • follow the #betweenthestepschallenge hashtag to easily find our posts πŸ˜‰


Not on Instagram?

You can use the hashtag #betweenthestepschallenge when posting a picture over the social media – e.g. Facebook shows its feed nicely as it brings all your posts with that hashtag together.

And we do have a separate album for this challenge in our Between the steps Community group on Facebook, where our members share their creations and discuss particular topics. Not a member yet? Come and join us here πŸ™‚



Download the printable challenge daily prompts below

printable size: 6″ x 4.25″


January NEW ME topics:


  1. HELLO THERE! – share a bit about yourself, your name, selfie etc.
  2. MY PERSONALITY – what kind of person are you?
  5. JUST DISCOVERED – it could be anything about your personality, hidden issues, new hobby, a friend etc.
  6. WHO I WANT TO BECOME – is there anything you would like to change about yourself? What kind of people you like?
  7. MY HABITS – good, bad, new, old
  8. WANTING TO CHANGE – behaviour patterns, relationship troubles, financial situation, study routine etc.
  9. WORKING ON – projects, goals, dreams etc.
  10. BIG GOALS – 2018 goals
  11. MOTIVATES ME – a quote, future ‘me picture’, children etc.
  12. WHERE I STAND – right now, my situation
  13. CURRENTLY – doing, enjoying, reading, writing, creating etc.
  14. BIGGEST CHALLENGE – why can’t you do it, what is holding you back?
  15. ONE WORD – of the year/month/week/day/life
  18. INSPIRED BY – nature, person, myself, kids, professor
  19. DAILY RITUALS – what you do every single day
  20. WHY NOT – have you ever asked yourself this when you hesitate and need to make a decision?
  21. BECAUSE I CAN – have faith!
  22. MY NEW THING – what have you started doing this month?
  23. A YEAR FROM NOW – what do you wish you have started?
  24. 2018 VISION – your vision, your mission, your dreams, where do you want to go?
  25. IF I… – had something, have done something, could do this or that…
  26. THE WHY – what is the reason, why am I doing this and that?
  27. FACING OBSTACLES – be ready for what is coming, dealing with problems
  28. TODAY, I…
  29. AFFIRMATIONS – current words to lift up your spirit
  30. JOYFUL MOMENTS – the best part of this month/year/life
  31. WHAT I LEARNED – what lessons have you learned? Any helpful tips?