Between the steps challenge | February 2018 – Love yourself



February is a month of love and because we all know how to love everybody else, in this month’s journaling challenge we are going to focus on learning to love ourselves. Sometimes we think it’s such a selfish thing to do, but in reality, how can you express and give love when your own cup is empty? Maybe you do know how to appreciate yourself already, but simply forget to make time and have that ‘me moment’?

So, here is a little reminder 😉 For some, it may be a self-discovery journey throughout this challenge, it can make you feel vulnerable, maybe you will cry for a bit, or laugh like crazy. Either way, take a minute every day and see where these prompts will take you xx



How it works:

Each month we will have a set of daily journaling prompts that I will post here on the blog, over on Instagram and in our private #BetweenTheStepsChallenge group on Facebook. You can do whatever you like – write, draw, paint etc.

I give a great deal of time into putting every #betweenthestepschallenge together and the idea is that they will help you grow in your personal and professional life (while having fun!).

Please, keep in mind that we all start somewhere. Do not worry about what your writing/drawing looks like. Have fun and feed your soul by doing what you enjoy, talking to others and sharing your pages with us to connect – the more people share their pages and our daily prompts, the more we learn, grow, and help each other! Also, do not worry if you miss a few days, just join in whenever you can!


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On Facebook:

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Download the printable challenge daily prompts below

printable size: 6″ x 4.25″


February LOVE YOURSELF topics:


  1. HI! I AM… – share a bit about yourself, your name, country, language, selfie etc.
  2. MY BELIEFS – what you believe in, e.g. nature, religion, world peace
  3. GREATEST PASSION – your heart’s most desired thing
  4. MY STRENGTHS – what are you great at? Physical activity, teaching, helping, inspiring etc,
  5. DEFINE CONCERNS – your fears, weaknesses, bugging you
  6. LET GO OF – how can you make peace with certain things? E.g. your past, someone else’s life
  7. BEST ADVICE – given or received
  8. SELF-LOVE – what does this mean to you? Why do you think it is important? Ways to love yourself more, list of habits etc.
  9. PROUD MOMENT – what have you done in your life so far that you are most proud of?
  10. ACCEPTING MY ‘FLAWS’ – learn to love your face, your body, your personality… no matter what.
  11. POSITIVE THOUGHTS – about yourself, your life
  13. I DESERVE – e.g. better life, to be loved, treat my body & mind well
  14. GREAT COMPLIMENT – what do you think is great about YOU?
  17. BODY IMAGE – love your body the way it is now
  18. MY 3 BEST FEATURES – physical features
  19. ME TIME – how do you give yourself a break?
  21. THINK BIG – what are your dreams, what do you look like in 6 months etc.
  22. BABY STEPS – how can you break a certain pattern, reach your dream? e.g. action plan, first step
  23. CHILDHOOD MEMORIES – what was it that made you laugh and insanely happy? Think and look back.
  24. AUTHENTIC STORY – what changed your life, the way of thinking, perspective?
  25. WHAT IF I… – what if you did what you always wanted? What if you stop… e.g. saying ‘yes’ to everybody
  26. FORGIVENESS – have you done anything you regret? Has anybody hurt you? How can you forgive and heal your soul?
  27. LESSONS LEARNED – look back at your month, use the challenge to help you identify what you learned
  28. REWARD – how are you going to take care of yourself? What does your mind & body need?