Hi everybody!

My name is Michaela and it is a great pleasure having you here!

I am a Writer | Bullet journalist | Life Coach | Photographer | Nutritional Therapist | Adventurer

My life journey has been pretty colourful so far. Being a professional rodeo rider at one time as well as escaping death(s), moving across European countries, overcoming a long-term depression etc. has taught me many skills that I now possess and cherish. I currently live in Nottinghamshire, UK and love it!

“Smile and let your positive vibes glow!”

What would I say about myself?

I am naturally a very active person – that kind you always see doing something while no one else is moving or talking!

Motivating and inspiring others to make changes in their lives is a real treat for me – I understand how important it is to have a support. I always stick to what I say or promise.

There is absolutely no room for lies in my life. I speak the truth and expect the same from others.

I am a project freak and achiever — LOVE organising things no matter what it is! I have organised a rodeo event, a friend’s wedding, birthday parties, road trips across Eastern Europe, sport day etc. Nothing is too small or big J Creating lists is my hobby and 30 by 30 is one of them!

My family is everything.

My beliefs?

There is always something good about any situation, even though it doesn’t feel like it at first. I trust that by being a positive intelligent person, I will always be treated as one – maybe not immediately but eventually for sure. Other people’s opinions about yourself should never be considered as definite because only you know who you are and you have to stick to your beliefs. That’s what I believe in. Love, positive energy, and healthy living.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you’d like to know more → contact form is here or you can catch me on social media 😉 I am here to spread the love & joy!