Hi everybody!

Welcome friend! How wonderful to finally meet you! I am Michaela Siroka.


About my creative business:


The Between the steps was first launched in June 2016. Originally, this was supposed to be a blog about the ‘Last year in my twenties’ journey and completing my list whilst updating you along the way. Turns out that my passion for stationery and creating the world to be a better place for us all is much greater than travelling (I LOVE exploring new places and cultures though, and travel any time I get a chance!). And two months later precisely for this reason, the bullet journal, planning, and focusing on improving quality of life took over. I enjoy nothing more than showing you how to build up your confidence and grow into opportunities you never thought you had. Watching you succeed is the best part of my day!

Why Between the steps? It’s got something to do with reading between the lines – each step you take in life has its own story. And that story is shaping right between these steps 🙂


About the Community:


Since you came to see me here, I have no doubt you are my kind of person! The Between the steps Community group was formed in December 2016 because exchanging emails and messages was no longer enough for us. By being in one group, we can all see each other’s faces, make our messages personal, have a sense of community and share our stationery passion & love on a whole new level! Opening this group for us was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life and I could not feel more grateful!


About me:


I live in an enchanting hamlet in the South Derbyshire, UK with my fiancé and two gorgeous westie boys. Life is wonderful!


My beliefs:


There is ALWAYS something good to be found and learned in any situation. It does not have to feel like it right away, but it will all make sense eventually. My favourite saying is “This too shall pass.” and I trust that being a positive sensible person is what makes a difference in this world. And of course, a smile goes a long way – and it makes you happy, so smile away!



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