5 Effective ways to improve your marriage

  1. Plan a regular date night

Who says, when you are married or in a long-term relationship, dating is over? It is rather exciting to date someone you are comfortable with and who knows you better than anyone. No matter how busy your month is, find at least one night you can quietly spend together. Hire a babysitter if you need to and get out of the house. With our everyday tasks and work responsibilities, it is very easy to overlook how much time we are actually (not) spending with our second half. If you cannot afford going out – cook something, lit a couple of candles, dress up, stay home but don’t forget to treat it as importantly as if you went out.

  1. Unplug

A modern technology is fascinating and we can spend hours on it without noticing. When you get home from work and have dinner together, don’t check your phone while eating or having a conversation. Enjoy yourselves and take under consideration how hurtful it is for your partner to only see your profile as he/she is talking to you with no response. Step away from technology and prove to your partner they are deserving of your attention.

  1. Help with daily tasks

Make a list of things that need to be done this week, go through it together, and discuss who’s doing what with a cup of tea in your hand. It will boost your confidence as well as lift up an overall mood in your home. In our household, we like to write things down on a board in the kitchen and simply tick off what’s done as we clean/cook along during the week. Gentlemen, don’t be afraid to help with cooking! Men in general are better cooks and your wives will love you for it! Try cooking in your apron only – spice it up a little 😉

  1. Use ‘I’ rather than ‘you’

It’s a very conducive technique. When you feel hurt you become resentful and usually blame your partner for all sorts of things, e.g. instead of saying ‘You are horrible…’ say ‘I feel sad…’. It helps partners realize that not everything is about them in that given moment. Being critical is considered as ‘normal’ but it is something we all must work on improving. When you have a conflict, you don’t want to make it worse and by stating how it makes you feel, you are letting your partner know what is truly going on inside of you – he/she will naturally stop nagging because, in fact, they don’t want to be the one to make you feel this way.

  1. Little things

Too often we take our partners for granted. It only takes a couple of minutes to hug and kiss your wife/husband before leaving for work, make a cup of tea or coffee in the morning, grab their favourite snack while shopping, text ‘I love you’ during the day, or simply go to bed together at night. Ask yourself ‘What would I do if today was the first day we meet?’ and use it as a guide.


Make time and remember how important your partner is to you. Appreciate what you do for each other. There is nothing better than seeing your loved one smiling at you with gratitude.

Apply these tips to your relationship today and you’ll see the changes in no time. I guarantee you will both (and the kids) be a lot happier within a week!