2018 planning system | Bullet journal in Traveler’s Notebook & Hobonichi


Whether you are planning to open a new business, improve your personal life, skills, or getting ready for a high school reunion, it is ALWAYS a good idea to write everything down on paper. I personally have very high hopes for 2018 and want to share them with you. Hopefully, you will find this article helpful and take away at least a couple of ideas that you apply in your own life πŸ™‚




I have a new planning system lined up for 2018! As you can see in the picture above, there are three traveler notebooks – the black Startbay Navigator cover along with the canary Hobonichi are a brand new addition to my bullet journal family, and I cannot wait to show you what is inside of them!

Let’s start with the black Navigator. This one currently has two notebooks inside – Rhodia Dotbook and Leuchtturm1917 in black colour and dotted grid.

Leuchtturm this year is strictly for planning only and I have counted the pages, so it fits all 12 months. The very first pages in this notebook are based on Your Best Year 2018 written by Lisa Jacobs. I wanted to try Lisa’s book ever since I discovered her in 2016, but did not feel ready for it. Well, this year is it! It took me a looong time to figure out what I want to do and where my life is heading. In 2017, everything finally started to make sense and I found myself doing what I truly love and enjoy – inspiring YOU and creating things I never imagined were possible!



The very first intro spread is decorated with a motivational sticker from our BTS Joy on paper shop, the background is blended together with distress inks and ‘What if, this year, you didn’t hold back?’ quote is from Lisa’s book.

2018 VISION (calendar from our shop) is based on 2018 goals. There is a series of helpful questions you want to answer for yourself:

What will I do for my future when I achieve this goal?
What ridiculously extravagant gift will I reward myself if I achieve this vision?
What will be better about my life then that I feel might be lacking now?
After I’ve achieved this, what’s the next goal I’ll set to improve my life and business?



It is very important to have a clear vision of what you want to do with your life every day. Annual goals and pages will definitely help to keep you stay motivated throughout the year!

Like I said before, this is based on Your Best Year book and I am using these five areas of focus in 2018 to see how it works out. Rather than trying to implement all kinds of different books/workbooks within my planning system, I am focusing on this one book only. Of course, I am going to twist it a bit to fit my style and knowledge, but at the moment, this is what it looks like.


  • MENTAL – study 1hr a day, spend time with like-minded people, do my thing, create a workbook & online course
  • SPIRITUAL – spin my chakras 3x a week (yoga), daily meditation (centre myself), creative hour 2x a week, spa day quarterly, KonMari my home
  • PHYSICAL – walk 5x a week, meal prep routine, regular skincare & hair appointments
  • FINANCIAL – become debt-free, house deposit in cash, social media management, business 10K revenue
  • RELATIONAL – more time with family, mum’s 50th birthday, intimate life & fertility test, regular date night/day out, permanent address



“COMMITMENT is doing the thing you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you.” – Darren Hardy

This page is my WHY. We talked about how having a reason is important in our 2017 planning series and it is precisely what I go by the entire year even when my days are not the brightest. This page could literally save your life, take a very good care of it. On the opposite page, you can see my 2018 leading board that will guide me throughtout the year. The key is below the line.

Best year 2018 plan is mapped out across these two pages and I love the look of it! Right in the middle, I have a couple of main goals that spread out into two areas – growth and profit. In each area, there are things I want to achieve in 2018 and those are then broken down into tactical tasks. This is very strategic and suits me well πŸ™‚

Let’s proceed to:

In 6 months

MY RELATIONSHIPS ARE…Β Β  improved! We spend more time together feeling more relaxed and happy. There are no doubts and our relationship is thriving – we fall in love with each other harder than we ever did. Our boys get more attention and feel happier. We can travel together and take more time off.

I AM…Β Β  joyful! Alive and succeeding! I love my job, my Community, I am seizing opportunities, completing my goals, launching the workbook and online course, creating more and have a friend to have a cuppa with! I am a better person with confidence and I radiate happiness & health. People are attracted to me even more πŸ™‚

MY HOME IS…Β Β  under an offer waiting for us to move in! I cannot wait to have my own big bright office with a fireplace and a large window seat! The house is spacious and bright, has a master fireplace in the living room with French door. I have an outdoor heated summerhouse for yoga & exercise, and we have a heated pool too! I love swimming! The garden is large with a pond and closure for Wallabies. I am painting and decorating the house to our liking. Our master bedroom has a very large bed with voiles, ottoman/small sofa and a fireplace. There are also French doors leading to a balcony overlooking mountains. We are in love and we have the house!

MY FINANCES…Β Β  in six months, I will be able to pay off 80% of our debts at least and celebrate my 31st birthday in style. We have enough to buy our own house in Scotland and we can visit my mum to celebrate her 50th birthday. My business earns enough, and I continue to invest in its growth! It keeps on growing πŸ™‚

MY EXTENDED FAMILY AND FRIENDS…Β Β  we finally found a couple to enjoy a dinner with and have a healthy, honest relationship. My mum respects my family and nurture our bond. I can trust my friends and feel secure. They help us grow and we support each other.


On the opposite page of this 6-month vision are a few areas to help you keep focused:

  1. Actions I need to take – be responsible
  2. Who do I need to become – what kind of person you would love to be
  3. Stop doing and do instead – replace bad habits with good ones
  4. Next level – things to do by a certain date/time period to get to the next level



Weekly personal & business task list comes with a key to mark the tasks to – mine to continue, delegate, already delegated.

First quarter of the year is basically a rapid log where you jot down everything you want to achieve within the next three months. Then you take some of these things and put them in relevant category – finish, do, celebrate, study and start.

3-month income is a part of my 2018 budgeting and I wanted to have it along with the first quarter goals πŸ™‚ Every month, you set a financial goal, write down where the money comes from and then add your total at the end of the month. And of course, once these three months are completed, you count the monthly totals and write down your quarterly income. Easy!

January setup starts right behind these planning pages.


Now, let’s have a look at our second notebook, Rhodia dotbook where I keep all of my yearly collections!



Most of these collections are pretty straight forward but I will break down a few for you πŸ˜‰


365 Photo Challenge – take a photo every single day! A little tip – create a separate folder for this challenge in your phone and make this an every day habit on your tracker.

100 things to do in 1000 days – a project that I share with you earlier in 2017 and you can read more about it here.

Holidays & Birthdays – the idea is to map out all of the National/International holidays that are of your interest and put birthdays in the circle. Everything will be coloured in and shared on Instagram once finished!

2018 happenings – I like to use this calendar for logging my period (simply colour the dates with a colouring pencil/highlighter) and writing down things/events that happened throughout the year

A year long Body Shape – an exercise tracker for the entire year of 2018! On 1st of January, I will log my weight, arm/chest/waist/hips/thigh measurements and colour code my exercise. The numbers 1-52 are the numbers of individual weeks – at the end of each week, you write down how your exercise went, how you feel about your eating habits etc.

Savings trackers – the balloons are for a 52-week savings challenge – each week you save one balloon of your choice, anything your budget allows you to push! PYO is for Pick Your Own fruit – we always go to a ‘local’ (well over 50mi away) farm to pick our own fruit that we then freeze and use in food the entire year. And Christmas. The latter two are very simple and I take Β£5 off every week of our weekly grocery shopping budget – this way, you have extra Β£130 to spend on anything you need to pay for.

Orders aka To arrive – keep a track of your orders/incoming packages with this simple log! What’s on here – from, item, date initiated, expected by.

Community Notebook – this is a wonderful project that we do with our Between the steps Community group members. In this notebook, each of us creates a spread and then post the notebook to another member. As of today, the Community Notebook has made his first round around Europe and is currently being prepared to take off and travel around USA! If you would like to take a part, come and join us here πŸ˜‰

Useful & Shops – helpful information. Discounts and your favourite shops.

Between the stesp Community – this is a spread for us and I will be writing down ideas, your suggestions etc. on here. What we do is a list of current projects/activities.

Instagram schedule – this is a monthly spread for scheduling posts on Instagram as I want to give it some form and order πŸ™‚ It would also make a lovely monthly calendar!

I currently have two notebooks in my old brown NavigatorMoleskine cahier for keeping notes from podcasts and Rhodia Rhodiarama in chocolate colour for journaling that I keep separately in 2018.


I have used our new Between the steps challenge as a January welcome page in my journal πŸ™‚

And last but not least – my new Hobonichi!!!! This is SO cute, I almost died when it arrived!!! It may seem silly to be THIS excited about stationery, but that is just who I am and I LOVE this stuff!! The quality of Hobonichi paper is unbelievable – it is very thin yet fountain pen friendly. Just look at the pen test page – yes, you can see it through, but it doesn’t bleed through at all! I have to admit that this impressed me a lot.


How do you like this 2018 setup? Please, let me know your thoughts in the comments below and tell me what spread YOU are using in the new year!








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