2017 SERIES – bullet journal setup



It’s here! Let me introduce the very first goal achieving series to you! The reason we are setting up for this in December is that we are going to be ready to step into 2017 with a clear vision of what we want and expect from a new year.



Act or be acted upon

How well do you know yourself? Did you ever allow your brain to think about your own needs and desires? A lot of questions are to be asked and answered, and this will help you to get things done in order to improve your life.



Ready? Ask yourself – preferably out loud:


  • do I want to be? E.g. writer, artist, a good mother, fluent in French, etc.
  • do I want to do? E.g. go on honeymoon, organize house, get a new job, find the love of my life, etc.
  • do I want to own/have? E.g. £3,000 in savings, a pet, own house, clean health account, etc.

‘WHY?’ – this is where you find your motivation, the reason to keep moving forward. What does you ‘what’ mean to you?

‘to ACHIEVE’ – actions to take to make your goals/dreams reality. These actions might look impossible to complete; don’t worry, just take a deep breath and break them down into manageable steps/tasks. No matter how slow your progress is, so long as you are working on your goals, you are getting closer, you are committed and you will get there!

Yearly calendar can be used as a tracker of your income, savings, words written, crucial meetings etc. You can also record your monthly achievements or keep it blank for reference and see how much time you have left till the end of the year.

My mission statement defines who you are and how you live. It’s a statement that provides clarity and that you live with integrity; it gives you a sense of purpose! Treat it as an official contract that binds you to be and stay committed to your goals and promises you said to yourself. You are signing a contract with your future YOU.

It is about the word I I seek out, I teach by example, I help and devote my time to…
What is your mission on this planet? How are you going to live in 2017?

Note – this spread is available as a printable in our Community library here

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My roles

Who am I? Am I a wife, a neighbour, a parent, a sister, a teacher, a dog dad, an artist, a nurse …? Find your roles, take each one of them and write down what they mean to you, what it is you do within these roles.



Once you figure out what your roles are, move on to 2017 goals – they grow out of your roles! Here, you can find three basic sections and these are ‘Personal (lose 10lbs, be healthy etc.), Family (regular date nights, family picnic etc.), Work (take a course, get a new job)’.

It’s a good idea to involve other members of your family & friends, tell them about your mission statement and how they can contribute. Create a family mission statement as well and keep it on the wall or your desk. It could be presented on a board too!

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What can go wrong

Let’s break it down into two sections:

  • obstacles – these are possible failures, problems, or issues that are waiting somewhere along the way to your goal, e.g. finances, physical or mental limits
  • actionsWhat are you going to do about these obstacles? If you take a loan, will it be worth it? Can you then earn more to pay it off and enjoy the profits made? Is your attitude holding you back? Change it and shift the way of thinking.

This is not going to be easy, it’s a lot of work and effort BUT you have to stick to your beliefs and your statement – you signed the contract, remember?

Possible costs – this is a reality check on how much you need (if anything) to make things happen. Write down each item you must buy and count the total. It’ll show you what you can afford in reality and get your brain wheels spinning. Things like honeymoon, wedding, holiday, course etc. cost money – find out how much exactly to start planning.



When my cup is full

This is lovely, isn’t it? This is literally where your funeral will be taking a place. We are beginning with the end in mind – this is called a reverse thinking.

What do you want to leave behind? What do you want others to say at your funeral? What do you imagine your children to behave like? You are their role-model and they follow your footsteps – what kind of path are you walking? If you were to die tomorrow, what’s the one thing you regret not to have done?

A year from now – visualize your future – this day, this hour, this moment in a year time. What do you see yourself doing? What do you see yourself thinking? What do you see yourself feeling?

This might take a while and you need to sit some place quiet, close your eyes and think deep. Touch your soul. Never ever ever take someone else’s judgement under consideration. It is YOU walking in your shoes, not anybody else.

You are painting yourself a picture of what 2017 will look like. What can you do better? How can you improve the way you live? What are your expectations?


Focus on results rather than activity!


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