2017 planning series 11 + 12 | Unlearn & Commit

We are wrapping up 2017! Are you almost finished with completing your yearly goals? Have you reached the number ONE goal yet?

I have! The reason for not posting the ‘Unlearn’ episode last month is because I was tackling my biggest goal yet, and I am happy to say that I have done it!! I opened my very own shop BTS Joy on paper on Etsy and I am utterly in love with it! This year was difficult for many of us, hence why prioritizing and being productive is so important.




In February, we talked about how to build up your habits and create a routine. But what about those bad habits we managed to learn along the way? Every single day, we follow a certain pattern that will either:

  • move us forward and let us follow through our mission
  • make us still, stuck, and/or unproductive
  • destroy our dreams, possibilities, desires etc.


With a hand on your heart, which one of these patterns do YOU follow? Please, take a minute to think about your answer if you need to. No pressure πŸ˜‰

Now, prove yourself WRONG! This may be odd to hear but it has an amazing effect on your personal & professional growth. Let me explain:

You are seeking progress every time, no matter what. Forget about perfection, there is no such thing unless you see something that you label ‘perfect’ (not talking about babies, they are all perfectly cute and adorable!). Perfection is all about one’s perception – if you create something you see as a perfect product of your work, fantastic and well done! But trying to fit into the ‘perfect picture’ that someone else created is impossible. You are seeking your own progress. Be authentic.

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to address your fears and challenge your habits. Question your actions every day! Sometimes, you may think there is nothing else to learn or improve and by doing so, you are blocking yourself from reaching your potential and building around it. You may have some bad habits without even realising that you practise them every single day! This is one of the reasons we have habit trackers in our notebooks/planners.

Make a list of your habits and address the bad ones. You need to see this on paper to truly face the reality and act accordingly. Find a method/technique to cope with mental breakdowns because they WILL come! You need to face them, embrace the opportunity to learn from them, and move on with your life. UNLEARN the bad habits strategically with a battle plan.



100% commitment + 100% focus = RESULTS

“A year from now, what do you wish you started doing TODAY?” I absolutely LOVE asking this question myself and other people. Why? Try it.

It is very powerful to get yourself in your ‘next year me’ shoes. A lot of us live with so many regrets and it is that time of the year again, when we start planning for the next year. Last year, you said you are going to do something and failed. This year, you said you will finally do it. Did you? If so, congratulations! If not, why the hell not???

You need to stop fooling yourself and take responsibility for EVERYTHING you do. If you know, you are not going to stick to your New Year’s resolutions, don’t you dare make that list. Goals are very important – it shows that you want to make progress and be someone or have something more than you have right now. But not making a plan to get yourself ready for achieving those goals, or throwing the towel in within the first two weeks of January (or whenever you are setting up your goals), is a disgrace. Too often we were disappointed with ourselves, too many times we felt sorry… Well, not anymore because I am telling you, not next year, not after this or that, from NOW ON you are going to COMMIT to every single thing you wish to accomplish!

You deserve much better than making excuses for why this or that could not be completed. I do not care what age you are, culture, sex, marital status, occupation etc., I KNOW that you CAN do anything you put your mind into! You can do it – 100% positive. Frankly, I expect you to show and share some results.
You kept reading this far, naturally I assume you WANT to achieve your goals, be proud of yourself and live with no regrets. The downside to all this is that you have to do the work yourself – no one else can do it for you because those people have goals of their own. We all help each other, but ultimately, our own commitments wait for our own action. Nothing moves, unless you move!

COMMIT to yourself, your dreams, your desires, and have FAITH.


Helpful tip:

One’s diet is an endless story to be faced on daily basis. Fuel yourself with the good foods to produce exceptional stuff! Feed your brain properly (I like to add coconut oil to my morning tea) and move it. Your brain (and body) likes to be exercised every day – take it for a walk, give it yoga, a good workout, whatever works for you. By moving your body, you are moving and relaxing your brain – this brings some good ideas and gains perspective along with many more benefits, of course.

“Eat for …………..” – positive mindset, great body, focus, productivity, new wardrobe, healthy liver, having a baby etc. The possibilities are endless! What you put in your body will hugely impact the results you are looking for.


“Take a break when you need to, but DO NOT QUIT!”
~ yours, Michaela Siroka β™₯


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