2017 planning series 09 & 10 | Reflect & Be productive


How fast is this year going?!

Welcome to our 2017 planning series, episode number 9 and 10 combined (apologies for not posting episode #9 last month due to house moving!). Today, we are going to look at the importance of reflecting on your accomplishments and how you can be more productive to achieve what you wish to by the end of this wonderful year!




If you have been following through this series, you will know that I love to do quarterly reviewing of my achievements. Every quarter of the year, I break down my yearly goals and create a list of things I want to accomplish within those three upcoming months.

As you can see from the picture above, I do not always complete the entire list. And that’s OK! You never know what is going to happen, your circumstances change all the time, life gets in the way and sometimes no matter what you do, you simply cannot fly high and do it all. Do not let that discourage you though, just keep looking forward.

Personally, I find September to be the perfect time to reflect on your accomplishments and how much you have actually done this year!



In our Community newsletter that was sent out to you at the end of September, I asked you to create a list of 20 things you have accomplished in 2017. The purpose of this list is to make you realise how much you have done this year so far and give you the push/motivation you need to finish the last quarter of the year strong! All you have to do now is to look at your yearly goals, validate your possibilities and real-life situation, set priorities, create a list for October-December accomplishments, and get cracking!! No time like presence πŸ˜‰



I have tried many things to become more productive, including the Pomodoro technique where you follow this pattern of 25mins working and 5mins taking breaks – 25-5-25-5…Β 

We are all different and your brain will be wired in its different unique way than mine is. I prefer working in this pattern – 50-10-50-10. But honestly, sometimes you get so caught up that you forget about your timer, or choose to ignore it, and work all day without even taking a lunch break. That is a big no-no! You have to take a break and distract yourself from whatever it is you are working on. It will help you gain a new perspective, you will feel fresh and ready to work again. One of the most important things to be productive at all is to take breaks. Do something for your health whilst on a break – make a salad, walk, stretch, play an instrument, sing, tidy up, play with pets/children etc.

Above, there is a simple guide that shows you how to break down your goals. It is a simple yet very effective math and I was developing this system throughout the year trying out different methods and layouts in my bullet journal. This is what works best for me and I recommend you try it to achieve your goals/tasks using this method. It does work!

Every big goal needs to be broken down into manageable daily tasks. You can set your own monthly areas to focus on – I have Business, Family&Home, and Personal. For each category, I set 5 goals I want to work on every month. These goals are then broken down and transferred over to a weekly spread – every week I make sure that a minimum of one monthly goal from each area gets to be completed. Also, you can see that I set 5 most important tasks for every week – these are not necessarily a part of the monthly goals, they are simply tasks that you know you must do that particular week.

Each day, I set one urgent task and mark it with a red dot – this task must be completed no matter what is going on that day. This is prioritizing your daily accomplishments.

You can also arrange dedicated days within your weekly layout and have a day for your admin work only, household, kids school project etc. Whatever works for you!


This may look a little complicated but trust me, once you get the hang of it, you will love the system and amaze yourself with how much you can do in only one week, even a day!!



What is your productivity system that works for YOU?



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Let’s show this year what you are made of!