2017 Bullet journals | Annual review & Ultimate flip through


Today, I am going to show you how to easily and effectively review the past year and get ready for what a new year has to bring πŸ™‚ Because this method has worked out very well for me and a few more people I showed it to, I sincerely hope you find it helpful too.
As a bonus, you can watch the ultimate flip through all of my four 2017 bullet journals over on our Between the steps YouTube channel (scroll down for a link).




My word for 2017 was CREATE. Full setup of this year can be found here.



These couple of pages were what kicked off our 2017 Planning series (link to the entire playlist on YouTube) – My mission.



The very first and easiest thing for you to do is sitting down with a nice hot beverage and putting a pen to paper. I have a strong belief that miracles happen whenever you start writing. So for the next 5-10mins, just relax and write down how you feel about the past year. How was it? Have you done anything you are very proud of? A new member of your family? Any regrets?

Got it?

Now, what can you learn from that? Name at least 5 lessons that you have learned in these last 12 months.


10 lessons I have learned in 2017:

  • things will NOT speed up with me being angry
  • truth ALWAYS wins (thank God!)
  • no matter how big or small, a spot of light can be found in the deepest darkness
  • some people are just sly, move on and let them to it
  • do not start talking about complicated things when there is not enough time to explain
  • if it doesn’t spark joy, don’t push it
  • sometimes breathing is all you have to do
  • all you had to do was saying ‘Thank you.’
  • first things first
  • authenticity unlocks people’s hearts



The best of 2017 is basically an empty space for your creative mind. You can do whatever you like! Sketch, doodle, paint, paste some magazine pictures, tickets from your trips – this is a visual board for your 2017 memories. Your happy year!
I know I know, I didn’t even colour mine in, but it does not bother me. It still looks cheery πŸ˜‰



What didn’t work, and I could have done better – pretty clear, right? It’s incredible how a couple of simple questions can set your mind just right and get you ready for planning the upcoming year! If you have not done this before, I encourage you to give it a try! Nothing to worry about, you can only make things better.


2018 intensions is a great page for unloading anything you think you want to do or that is happening in a new year to come. I say, ‘you think’ for a reason…



…with a hand on your heart, what do you REALLY want? Something for yourself, your family? What is it that YOUR heart desires? Forget about annual events that maybe you don’t even enjoy but attend because they happen every year, exams that you are not that excited about etc. What do YOU want in a new year? Write it all down.

And finally, 2018 log! As you are coming towards the end of the year, you may find yourself with a few specific dates/events that you need to make a note of. Here is the place! Easy peasy, straight to the point and you don’t have to look through all the spreads or calendars that you have in your notebook thinking ‘Where the hack have I put the dates for…?’ Right here πŸ™‚


And that’s it! 8 pages altogether, simple, useful and manageable even if you are pressured for time. Have fun!


Watch video on YouTube β†’ 2018 planning system