2017 basic setup

New Year, new journal! Welcome 2017 with open arms!

I am thrilled to introduce a brand-new book to you in its gorgeous white colour!

Why white? Because it’s a new year and it makes me think that I am going to step into 2017 fresh, clean and pure 🙂 That is what I think white colour stands for – pure clarity. And of course, I am sticking to my beloved dotted Leuchtturm1917 where we have three pages that are Index-ready, plus pages are numbered!

Every year, I pick a word that keeps me motivated and shapes the entire year for me. In 2017, it will be ‘Create’ (‘Be present’ in 2016). There are many things I have learnt over these past 12 months, mainly sorting out my own life; how to get back on track and beyond. I worked hard to get out of depression and make myself feel worthy, confident, happy etc. once again. Because I have happiness inside me and my light has been re-lit, I can create and give more!

What is the one word that you want your 2017 to be inspired by?


Our basic 2017 calendar is in the Community library as a free printable if you’d like to print it out and glue it inside your journal (or use a label/sticky paper for printing). I also use this calendar for tracking my period – simply take a red colouring pencil and colour in the days you are having your period (or when it’s supposed to be due so you can plan your holidays).

TIP: take your 2017 calendar printable and cut out the months to have them in order that you like across your pages! You can use them in your monthly setups too!

On pages 2-5, there are two different future planning log layouts. The first log is called ‘Welcome new year, What makes you unique?’ and will be used for planning events and important tasks/dates, the second one is still open to ideas but it will more than likely be used as a birthday & special occasions log.

‘17 in 2017’ is a place  for the New Year’s resolutions where things I want to accomplish by the end of this year will be listed. These could be:

  • Holiday 2017 or a short break some place nice
  • Shifting your eating habits – trying a new diet
  • Reading a particular book
  • Fun project for yourself or your family
  • Family portrait
  • Look beautiful on a certain day/occasion
  • Close 2017 feeling ……

Affirmations are very important for self-development, building up confidence, and feeling amazing in your own skin. They are powerful if you keep reading them out loud every day! Don’t worry about changing your affirmations later – some of them sometimes look like a good idea at first but then you find out that it doesn’t really resonates with you. And it’s OK, you can always change it. It must work for you!

‘Be the light’ seems to be a perfect title for this new year! Previously, it was ‘Happy life, Happy me’ and my 2016 affirmations were:

  • Today I start my fabulous life
  • I am on top of the world; anything is possible
  • I am determined and motivated and nothing stops me
  • I accept myself
  • I am giving my best and it is enough
  • I love life and life loves me back
  • I feel confident and assertive
  • I believe I can, so I do!!!

There are always projects we want to work on at some point of the year; that’s what ‘Work on’ page is for. Anything you want to work on this year can be found right in this section.

The wish list for 2017 is called ‘Make a wish’what do you wish for this year? Write it down so you won’t forget! If you feel like you don’t need it for yourself, have it for your children or pets 🙂 It is very flexible and can be used even as a dream page! Let’s say, you want to find love, plant a tree, have a beautiful fence around the house… things you wish for as you are throwing a coin into a wishing well! Now, I got inspired! I am going to draw/paint a wishing well!

Mood tracking was something I have created earlier in 2016, you can read more about it here.

This year, we are calling it ‘Hey gorgeous’ and this spread will be filled with all the good words to inspire us in the morning when we sometimes don’t feel so good.

A half year 2-page spread is for my two westies, Nelson and Cupid! Here, I will be logging their treatments medical conditions, any important events, special dates etc. You can use it for anything you like! E.g. baby’s growth, eating habits, monthly reviews, girls’ nights out, business planning etc. The possibilities are endless!


Listr of my favourite supplies – click here


Would you like to watch the video? Come this way 🙂 → YouTube | 2017 basic setup


Are you ready to step into a New Year 2017?