15 Reasons to have a journal

Why did I start journaling?

I needed to get my life back on track. Dealing with a long-term depression in 2015 was no fun and during this time, I didn’t do much. Not even journaling which is something I’ve been doing ever since I learnt how to write. Apart from that, I am living with ADHD – apparently, it’s a thing nowadays but I don’t see it as a disease at all. If something, I think it’s an advantage when properly handled. Luckily, my mom was wise enough not to feed me pills as my doctor suggested (I was about 6 years old back then and as you know, children are naturally very active and simply do what they want to do most), and got me a diary instead. My love for stationary developed throughout the years a lot and until the Great Depression hit me, I couldn’t imagine my life without it. I am laughing now because it’s all in the past and I moved on 🙂 Happy days!
I started journaling again earlier this year, it helped me get over anxiety, get back to cooking/baking that I used to enjoy so much, organise my life, improve relationship with my fiancée, make friends, and overall live much happier and balanced life!

What can journaling do for you?

Keeping any kind of journal makes your life easier. As soon as you start, you’ll see the benefits. The mess, all those little sticky notes, and pieces of paper with endless reminders or important passwords, appointments etc. will disappear and organise themselves into one neat book that you will adore and use on daily basis even if you think you wouldn’t.
Parents are one of the busiest people on the planet – I am only a mum to two beautiful westies and used to babysit two baby boys since they were born, and man! did I have my hands full all day long and over night? Yes, I did indeed! Keeping a journal under these circumstances might seem like an impossible and another task or job if you will, BUT believe it or not, it will save you a lot of time and trouble. Ever forgot your partner’s birthday? You get the picture 😉
You can keep your doctor appointments here, money log, monitor your child’s height and weight, gift ideas, birthdays, track all sorts of things e.g. your sleep, mood, weight loss etc.
Going through a difficult time of your life will be a lot more manageable if you write things down. We all feel like we’re not moving forward at some point of our lives – this is where your journal is stepping in and shows you the progress you’ve made up until now. It’s very easy to overlook your achievements and celebrate small victories along the way as life happens, and it can happen very fast! One day it’s the future, and you have no idea how you’ve gotten there…
If you haven’t got a journal already, I highly recommend you getting one today and starting your own new journey. You can start as simply as writing down today’s date only and take it from here. Let your pen flow.

Reach your potential and start achieving goals today!

I wish you the very best of luck and please, share your experience with me! I love to see how you guys progress with your accomplishments. There are no too small things that wouldn’t deserve celebrating!


I am currently using Leuchtturm1917 as my journal and loving it!