10 Weekly spread ideas

Whether you just discovered bullet journaling or planning, these 10 weekly spread ideas will get you started to create a beautiful and functional planner for yourself! Of course, every layout can be customized to your own needs because afterall, it has to work for YOU πŸ˜‰

Pick the one you like the best and give it a try!

All of these spreads are sketched in my Leuchtturm1917 notebooks – I love using these notebooks because of the paper quality, index pages, and numbered pages which is not a standard for most notebooks.



I originally started using this layout in September 2016 and was hooked ever since. It is very well organized and visually pleasing.



You can see a few small changes here that I fully explain in June 2017 setup.



Here, you can use the left portion of the layout for your journaling and doodling weather icons for example, and the right portion is for daily tasks.



This spread was inspired by my Filofax Malden weekly layout that I enjoyed using in past.



As all of these spreads, this one is also very flexible – you can use the left page for your journaling, sketching, daily to-dos etc. The ‘Monday to Sunday’ section on the right page can be used as a food log, meal planner, mood log, weather icon doodles etc. Yes? is my favourite version of notes. In the mini monthly calendar, you can highlight the current week and any important events happening throughout the month.



On the left side, you can find weekly planning section along with a weekly tracker. On the right side, there is a To-do list, meal planning/shopping list within which you can use some sticky notes to easily take a shopping list with you when grocery shopping, and you can also add a motivational quote, picture, photo, notes, weekly tracker etc. There are no right or wrong! Just let your imagination flow πŸ˜‰


SPREAD #7 & #8

On both of these spreads, I went for a minimalistic look and the one with a weekly tracker (#8) took about two minutes to draw – this particular spread was inspired by Alec @fischrjournals.


The middle section here is called the Dutch door – until last year, I was not even aware this was a thing. Basically, you only bend the middle page (out of three pages) and write whatever you wish – This week tasks, weekly goals, weekly tracker, notes, meal planning, shopping list etc. You can flip the middle page too! It’s fun and gives you some extra space when needed.


Here, we have Dutch door again only with a half of the middle page – if you are like me and don’t like to tear off your journal’s pages, you can take a piece of paper and glue it to the middle or use a piece of washi tape instead and stick it onto the page. Very easy adjustment to give you more room to write and plan!


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