10 Monthly spread ideas


It’s the last week of January, it’s very cold here in UK and I thought, this would be the perfect time to sit down and let ourselves to get inspired, try new things or dust off the old ones with a new coat! Every spread you will see here highly customizable and you can personalize it however you like — the choice is yours and it has to work for YOU!


I could not kick this off without the creator of the bullet journal, Ryder Carroll. His monthly spread is very basic, yet very effective and it is the backbone to everything else that follows. It consists of a monthly calendar and a task list. The purpose of each spread is to help you organize your month and future project. You will achieve a lot more in your life when you are ready. Sometimes, it is very hard but if you want to live a better life, it has to be done. Don’t worry, it is very simple and you will love it!




This is the spread that I am currently using and I have created it based on my own needs. Here, you will find a traditional monthly log on one page (weeks separated by dots) and a mini monthly calendar, 3 monthly goals and actions to make them happen, monthly tasks, and next month‘s tasks on the oppposite page. This spread is built to make you move forward, focus on your goals without getting overwhelmed.



In this spread, I have divided the monthly log (weeks separated by dashes) into two sections:

  1. am / work / all day / events
  2. pm schedule / personal / meal plan / mood

On the opposite page, you can see that I kept the monthly tracker right by the monthly log — the reason for this is to keep it bound together. Next to these, there are 3 monthly goals, monthly projects, and next month‘s events/tasks.




I love the fact that you can have everything here on this spread and it still looks very tidy! On the left page, we have the monthly log (weeks separated by lines) and the monthly tracker drawn side by side for easy reference. On the opposite page, there is a mini monthly calendar again, ‘My mission’ statements’ goals and things to make them happen, monthly tasks, plenty of space for notes, and next month‘s coming up.




This monthly calendar is a smaller version of its big brother (the monthly calendar in the next picture). You can use this calendar as a part of your colour coding system. How it works is that you add different colours to your sections or areas, such as meetings, events, personal appointments, exams, gym sessions etc. You can keep your colour code key right below the monthly calendar for easy and quick reference. ‘This month’ is the place where you write what each coloured dot in your monthly calendar means. For example:

  • when you have a one off event scheduled (e.g. seminar at 5pm), you can pick the colour that you use for such event and write the date down with this colour, then you can write what it actually is, seminar 5pm, right next to it
  • on the other hand, if there is something you do on regular basis, let’s say that you go to a yoga class twice or once a week, you can use the colour for gym’s colour code and write yoga with this colour, and then write the dates next to it ticking them off as you complete

At the bottom of this spread, you can find a monthly tracker in horizontal position which I find very appealing. And on the right page, there are monthly goals, monthly projects, notes, and next month’s tasks.




Monthly calendar made easy! It looks great and is useful too. You can use colour coding within this spread as well if you wish. Underneath, you can find next month‘s tasks. On the left side, there is a monthly/habit tracker where you can also track things like my pet’s activity, pregnancy weight, baby’s kicks, mood, dialy steps # etc. And, yes! You can absolutely use sticky notes or any kind of other paper cuts in your journal! I have always been using sticky notes within my planners/journals to keep a shopping list with me all the time so I can add things I need to buy, plus it’s handy when you go and do the actual shopping – you simple peel off the sticky note and if you are using a wallet time phone cover like I am, you can stick it inside to make sure you won’t lose it!




This spread was inspired by Zoe @zf.sp . First, we can see that there is a mini monthly calendar right underneath the title, important events, focus on, notes, to-do, and next month‘s coming up. on the right page, there is a habit tracker which is divided by the dates and creates the illusion of monthly log – you can use one half for that! Zoe uses one half of this tracker for tracking her habits and the other half for tracking her skills. You can also use one of these sections for a 1-10 scale to record your daily mood, sleep, fitness etc. and see how they relate to each other by analyzing the line and its shape throughout the month!




This is such a cool spread! Inspired by Jady @greenishplanning . The monthly calendar has been unified into one neat square and she is using the colour coding system here too. In the left down corner is the colour code key and you can you the space around it for writing down the dates and things you have scheduled. There is also a monthly tasks & goals list. On the opposite page, there is a brilliantly made monthly/habit tracker. Even though I am not a fan of using the entire page for tracking things, this one is really nice. I like it because it’s got different areas divided by lines that you can colour in. These reas could be your morning routine, school, work, social media, self-care etc.



Isn’t it pretty? This spread is inspired by Megan @pageflutter and I love how she keeps the monthly log at top of the spread. It looks very organized and you have a lot of breathing space here. At the bottom portion, there is plenty of space for your notes, monthly tasks and upcoming evens. Also, a mini monthly calendar for the upcoming month where you can use colour coding to mark important dates.




I wanted to have some sort of minimal planning spread and at first, I only created a monthly log on the left and a small monthly calendar. Then I wanted to give you some idea so I filled the empty space with monthly goals, monthly tasks, notes, and coming up. The calendar in the top right corner is something that I adore! It can be used as a colour code calendar OR a new thing!! ; a 3 new habits’ tracker!! Sometimes, it is quite overwhelming to start new things and make a habit out of them. I wanted to implement the same theory here as I did with my 3 monthly goals, which is – we will only try 3 new things (maximum) per month. It takes about 30 days to build a new habit and trying to re-build yourself with too many changes at once, well, the chances are that you won’t stick with it because it will be too much. So, take it easy and try just a few, build up your confidence. You can only start with one habit! As long as you stick to it and make yourself proud of you, that’s what counts.

You can also use this tracker as your social media tracker, daily weight tracker, child’s health etc.



And here is a mini version of spread number 10!! Don’t you love it?? It’s so cute! It is a pocket size (A6) Leuchtturm1917 and it looks adorable!



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